If you are a refugee or family reunified, you can participate in an integration program.

As a refugee or family reunified who settles in Sønderborg Municipality, we offer various options.

Do I have to enter into a contract with goals for my integration?

If you are a refugee or family reunified over the age of 18, an integration contract is drawn up no later than one month after your arrival in Sønderborg, where your goals for education and work are determined, and an integration program (an individual course) is drawn up with the activities to help you reach measurements. Part of the program will consist of learning Danish.

The integration contract is valid until you receive an indefinite residence permit. It therefore also applies after the end of the integration program in cases where, after a maximum of five years' stay, you continue to be granted a temporary residence permit by the Immigration Service.

When you sign the integration contract, you must also sign a declaration on integration and active citizenship in Denmark. In the declaration, you sign that you will work actively to ensure the integration and active citizenship of your own and your children and spouses / partners living in Danish society.

It is a condition for obtaining an indefinite (permanent) residence permit in Denmark that you have signed a declaration of integration and active citizenship. 

Am I offered an individual course as a refugee or family reunified?

If you are a refugee or family reunified over the age of 18, you will be offered an individual integration program.

The program can consist of Danish lessons and various activities that get you closer to jobs - eg company internships or jobs with wage subsidies - within a year. If you already have an education or work experience from your home country, it must be used as far as possible to get you into the Danish labor market.

The content of your integration program will be determined in an integration contract, which you enter into with your caseworker in the Integration Center. 

If you have not obtained employment or education within a year, the integration program must be extended. However, the total program can last a maximum of five years.

The integration center automatically invites you to a meeting where you together determine the program. If necessary, there will be an interpreter present so you have the opportunity to ask questions in your own language.

Do I have a duty to participate in an integration program?

If you receive cash assistance or integration benefit, you have a duty to actively participate in the program. For example, by accepting work in a company internship, utility job or job with a wage subsidy. You risk losing the benefit if you do not participate.

If you are under the age of 25, you may be required to find and start an education if you:

  • receives or has applied for cash assistance or integration benefit 
  • do not have a vocational qualification
  • does not have a maintenance obligation towards children living at home

If you do not receive cash assistance or integration benefit, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the program.

Can I be offered a special college stay if it improves my chances of a job?

If you are under 30 years of age and have completed a first company-oriented offer (company internship, job with wage subsidy, etc.), you can be offered a special folk high school stay if the municipality assesses that it can improve your chances of getting an ordinary job.

Can I be offered a mentor?

The integration center can help with a mentor if it is crucial to whether you can get a job or education.

Can I get help if, for example, I have war trauma or other special problems?

You can get special help and support if, for example, you have war trauma or other special problems.

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