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Get help with recruitment, wage subsidy schemes, employee retention and job schemes, among other things.

Jobcenter Sønderborg has one entrance for the municipality's companies in the form of Business Service. We can help you with recruitment of labor, training and upskilling as well as retention of employees, e.g. in connection with prolonged sick leave. 

Can my company get help with recruitment?

At Virksomhedsservice, we know the labor market, the job situation and the unemployed in Sønderborg Municipality, and we have become specialists in finding a good match between local companies and their new employees - regardless of your company's requirements, needs or industry. 

Our recruitment process has 4 phases, and you can choose whether you need help for all or parts of the process:

  1. We visit your company and uncover your wishes and requirements for recruitment and your next employee
  2. We help to place job advertisements on
  3. We screen the candidate among the unemployed
  4. We come out to you and review relevant candidates that you can call for interview
Can I retrain or retrain my employees?

There are a number of competency qualifying courses, which can both be used to qualify already employed employees or which provide the opportunity to hire new employees in so-called qualifying jobs, where the job center pays for the necessary qualification in relation to the company's specific needs during the start-up period. 

  • Job rotation - continuing education of employees
    Send your employees on continuing education while temps work during the training period. You can also apply for a job rotation benefit, which is a subsidy for the temporary employee's salary and the costs of the employee's continuing education. Read more about job rotation at
  • Lane change - new roads for employees at risk of attrition
    The scheme is for companies in industries that are particularly at risk of attrition, which can receive financial support to find lasting solutions for their employees who are at risk of attrition. Support can, for example, be used for professional guidance, continuing education or internships in another company.
  • Vocational training for adults (EUV)
    The scheme is an offer for those companies that want to upgrade the skills of unskilled employees or outside unemployed people over the age of 25 to vocational training level.
  • Better reading, writing and arithmetic skills
    Preparatory adult education (FVU) and dyslexia education (OBU) can strengthen the employee for further qualification or a weekday with greater requirements for writing and documentation. The employee often experiences an increased quality of life because the communication channels become more numerous. Lost earnings in connection with FVU can be compensated with The State's Adult Education Support (SVU). For more information, you can search for information on
  • State adult education support (SVU)
    Opportunity for compensation for lost earnings makes it possible for the weakest part of the employees to qualify academically.
  • Adult and continuing education allowance (WEU)
    The company will have the opportunity to train employees with financial compensation. Short-educated employees get the chance to develop their skills and strengthen their position in the company. Read more about the conditions at 
What job schemes and internships can my company benefit from?

There are various possible schemes in the field of labor market:

  • Company internship
    Company internship is a scheme where an unemployed person is an intern in your company. This gives the unemployed a chance to test and / or strengthen their skills and is completely free of salary and insurance costs for the company. After the internship period, the company can assess the possibilities for a permanent employment or employment in a job with a wage subsidy. The internship can last up to four weeks for members of an unemployment insurance fund and up to 13 weeks for cash benefit recipients and citizens who lack work experience or have been unemployed for a long time. After a specific assessment, it is possible to extend the internship period beyond the 13 weeks. It is possible to receive a subsidy for aids and work tools during the company internship, just as it is possible to buy an employee for a mentor function. 
  • Wage subsidy
    The wage subsidy scheme allows both healthy and sick unemployed to be employed in your company with a subsidy from the job center to compensate for the fact that the unemployed are not up to full benefit from day one. 
    In private companies, the employee is employed on general terms and conditions, but must have been unemployed for more than 6 months. The unemployed person can be employed with a wage subsidy for up to 12 months.
    In public workplaces, the salary can not exceed the unemployment benefit rate. Working hours depend on wages and are determined by the employer. 
    The form for applying for a wage subsidy can be found at:
  • Mentoring scheme
    The job center can provide support for the hiring of a mentor. It is either an employee of the company who is released for a few hours to support and train another employee, or an external consultant.

  • Flexjob
    The company can hire a person who can only work a few hours a week and thus can only solve minor tasks. The scheme also covers current employees who, due to limitations in their ability to work, transfer to flex jobs. See the database of available flex workers here.
  • Students and Apprentices - Talent6400
    As a company, you can create both student and apprenticeship places. You get a 'here-and-now' resource under flexible working conditions, where you can shape the future employee to your needs. Order a talent on
  • Skills jobs
    Your company can apply for grants to upgrade the qualifications of new employees who are hired from unemployment in ordinary jobs. Grants can be applied for for all types of shorter qualification courses, and this can both help to expand the field of applicants and provide an opportunity to target the qualification to the company's specific needs.
  • Integration of refugees
    Help integrate refugees by letting newcomers solve work tasks in your company. The municipality's integration program typically consists of a course with Danish education and company internship or wage subsidy. The integration program can last up to 3 years and is on average 37 hours per week.
  • Special support for the disabled

    Jobcenter Sønderborg can offer individual assistance, which is adapted to the individual employee's special needs. The assistance can also be offered to new employees and graduates.
    Among other things, we provide free advice and guidance, help to investigate the need for aids, work tools and layout of the workplace and grants for personal assistance, where another employee at the workplace relieves the employee in relation to the specific work tasks that have become more difficult to continue. in full. 

  • Social exemption card
    By hiring an employee with a social exemption card, who can earn DKK 20.000 tax-free every year, you are helping to lift a social responsibility in the local community, and you are making a big difference for another person.

    At the same time, you get to solve specific tasks in the company, which are not normally solved, or which take time away from your core task. This can be, for example, cleaning up, spraying, waste management, garden and outdoor tasks, etc.


Can my company enter into a partnership agreement?

A partnership agreement with Jobcenter Sønderborg is a structured and mutually binding collaboration on recruitment and retention of employees as well as retraining and clarification of the unemployed who cannot achieve employment on their own terms on normal pay and working conditions. The partnership agreement contains the rules of the game for the collaboration between the company and Jobcenter Sønderborg.

The benefits of a partnership agreement are:

  • new employees with new forces
  • permanent contact person at Jobcenter Sønderborg
  • opportunity to participate in the grant schemes
  • free advice on new hires
  • the possibility of taking on social responsibility
Can my company have a joint visit?

When you order a joint visit, three consultants from Jobcenter Sønderborg visit your company to talk about your company's growth potential. The consultants come out to your company and listen to your needs and challenges in creating growth here and now and in the future in relation to competencies and employees. 

A joint visit can, for example, lead to:

  • A plan for how your needs for competencies will be met
  • Assistance with educational planning, eg by unskilled employees
  • Guidance in the financing of educational activities and the use of grant schemes
  • Help in recruiting the right employees
  • Assistance in preventing sick leave and retaining employees at risk of absence
  • Qualified input for the long-term development of your company

Contact us and hear more.

How do I retain my employee in the company?

If you are worried about one or more employees with, for example, dripping absence, you can get help from the Travel Team through Jobcenter Sønderborg, who have in-depth knowledge of preventing sick leave. 

Among other things, we help to:

  • hold non-committal and impartial conversations with your employees
  • keep your employees in work before the sick leave using the offers that exist within the public and private sector
  • support to coordinate the formal when an employee is on sick leave
Can I get help with major redundancies and advice on the distribution of work?

There are various options for help for your employees if your company scales down or enters into a new partnership.

  • Division of labor
    Division of labor is a solution for your company, which in a transition does not have enough tasks for all employees, but will avoid redundancies. This reduces the employees' working hours, and they receive unemployment benefits instead of wages. Working hours must either be reduced by at least 2 full days per. week or with 1 week of full-time work followed by 1 week of unemployment.
  • Assistance in the event of major redundancies
    In the event of major redundancies, the job center offers help to both the company and employees by advising on the opportunities for the dismissed employee, for example in the form of job search courses and continuing or further education. Read more about schemes regarding major redundancies.
  • Partnership agreement
    A partnership agreement typically describes the common framework for how the citizen, company and job center work together to get the citizen to work. The agreement is based on the company's wishes and possibilities and can, for example, focus on handling sick leave or integrating new employees - possibly. with connected guidance and retraining courses as well as the attachment of a mentor.
Can my company get help if my employee becomes ill or disabled?

There are different solutions for coordinating a disease course:

  • Notification of and reimbursement for sick leave and maternity leave
    If an employee is on sick leave or on maternity leave for more than 30 calendar days, the company is entitled to a unemployment benefit reimbursement from the municipality. The company is encouraged to report illness and maternity leave to the municipality as soon as possible via NemRefund.
  • Fast track - previous follow-up on long-term sick leave
    If the employer or employee assesses that the employee's sick leave risks becoming long-lasting (more than eight weeks), fast-track treatment of the sick leave can be requested from the job center within the first five weeks of the absence. In this way, the municipality automatically holds the first follow-up interview no later than 2 weeks after the request.
  • Employer's four-week sick leave interview
    No later than four weeks after the first day of absence, employers must convene employees on sick leave for a sick leave interview, which among other things is about how and when the employee can return to work.
  • Partial sick or recovery report
    The job center can help retain an employee on sick leave at work via partial sick leave or recovery. Partial sick leave is for employees who are absent for a longer period due to illness treatment or reduced ability to work. Partial recovery is used when employees, after a long illness, are ready to return to work on a reduced basis. However, the company receives compensation during the employee's illness period.
  • Aids and workplace design
    The job center can provide subsidies for work tools and minor adjustments to the workplace that compensate for the employee's limitation in work ability. The limitations can be of a physical, mental or social nature.
  • Personal assistance
    For employees who need support due to permanent disability, you can be assigned a personal assistant for up to 20 hours a week. The tasks can be of a physical, mental or social nature, and the assistant can be either an outsider or a free colleague. The company then receives a wage subsidy.
    Apply for payment of subsidy for personal assistance
    Seek personal assistance for the disabled in work or education
Can I hire a Ukrainian refugee?

Ukrainians who have a residence permit under the new special law have a permit to work in Denmark.

If you want to employ Ukrainian refugees, you can contact the job centre's business service on tel. 88 72 40 31 or email Here you can get sparring and guidance and get job openings entered in our job bank.

You can also find more information for employers here:


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