Subsidies for leisure activities (Fritidspas)

You can apply for financial support for leisure activities for 3 to 23-year-old children and young people.

ATTENTION! As long as there is no more money in the leisure pass pool for 2024, it is no longer possible to apply for this.

If you have a child or are between 3-23 years old, and as a parent or young person do not have the resources to pay for your child / your own leisure activity, you can get support through the Leisure Pass.

A maximum of DKK 1.000 can be granted per person for the payment of a contingent or equipment valid for one year.

There is a limited pool for leisure passes and when the pool is exhausted, leisure passes cannot be accommodated.

Who can use the Leisure Pass?

You can benefit from the Leisure Pass if you:

  • live in Sonderborg Municipality
  • have a child or are between 3-23 years old
  • have a child or would like to go to something active and be with others in their free time
  • need help paying dues and / or equipment for the activity

The child or yourself must not go to any leisure activity in advance, and you must state in the application which association, the child / you want to join and which team and contingent (price).

What happens when I have applied for a Leisure Pass?

You will be contacted by an employee who will help.

Should you receive a leisure pass, you will be given the leisure pass by the person who contacts you. The leisure pass must subsequently be handed in to the association.

Payment instructions are on the leisure pass for the association or shop, so payment takes place electronically.


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