All year residence in a holiday home

Here you can read when you can use your cottage for year-round living.

In Denmark, you are mainly only allowed to live in your holiday home in the summer. From November 1st to the end of February, it is only permitted to stay overnight in a holiday home on weekends and in connection with short-term holiday stays.

Can I use my holiday home for year-round living if I am retired?

There are special rules for pensioners who have owned the cottage for more than one year. 

Can I get a dispensation for year-round living in a holiday home?

In special cases, the municipality has the option of granting a dispensation for year-round residence if, for example, you are a business owner or seriously ill. 

Application for dispensation can be applied for at Byg og Bolig - see contact information at the bottom of the page.

Do I live illegally in my holiday home?

You live illegally in the holiday home home if you have registered with the National Population Register for a holiday home home in a holiday home area during the winter months 1 November - 28 February, and do not meet the rules for year-round living.

In such cases, the municipality sends a relocation order and can also issue coercive fines.


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