Apply for mail to your door

You can have your mail brought to your door if you cannot pick it up yourself in a letterbox at your house or in a letterbox system.

If you suffer from impaired physical or mental functioning or special social problems, you can have the mail brought to your door.

There should be either letter box in your front door or mailbox by the door.

If you have questions about the scheme itself, you should contact PostNord.

Do I also get advertisements delivered to my door?

No, you are not entitled to have unaddressed mail such as advertisements and weekly newspapers delivered at the door.

How long does the scheme last?

Mail to the door can be granted as a temporary scheme (6 months) or as a permanent scheme.

How is the decision made?

The municipality obtains the information necessary for us to process your application.

In some cases, you may need to consent to the visitator obtaining information from others or obtaining a medical certificate. 

You will receive a written decision from the Visitation Department, which will notify PostNord if you are entitled to "mail to the door".


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