Maintenance of green areas and trees

Read where and how much we maintain the various green areas in Sønderborg Municipality.

Sønderborg Municipality maintains a number of green areas and grass areas according to established standards and in accordance with the purpose of the individual area. Therefore, the level of maintenance varies from area to area.

How often is a municipal lawn maintained?

On the map you can see all the public, municipal lawns in the municipality, which type they are registered as and how often they are mowed.

Enter an address or select a lawn area on the map to see how often we mow it.

Can Sønderborg Municipality cut down or prune trees near me?

If you want the municipality to prune or cut down a tree in a public area, you can give us a quote via the self-service at the top of the page.

We then assess, based on a number of parameters such as the condition of the wood, safety and danger, any planning conditions and operation, whether we can meet your request.

Your desire to cut down trees is met if the tree is dead or dying, and poses a safety risk.

Your request for felling trees will not be granted if it concerns:

  • Lack of view
  • Shade on the ground
  • Fallen leaves, twigs and seeds on rooftops, in gutters and in gardens
  • Trees secretion of resins and juices
  • Antenna and satellite dish conditions
the city's harbor lawn

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Outside opening hours, you can call the Joint Security Center at tel. +45 88 72 41 10.