Environmental supervision for companies and agriculture

The municipality must supervise companies and agriculture that are covered by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's executive order on environmental supervision.

An environmental inspection ensures that the company is operated in accordance with current environmental legislation and also provides guidance so that unnecessary problems, complaints and expenses are avoided.

If you have a farm, you can download an app for it android or iphone.

How does an environmental inspection take place?

Supervision can be both notified (14 days before) or unannounced.

The inspection includes a tour inside and outside the company. There will be a focus on all the factors that are important for the company's impact on the environment, such as return to the air, wastewater, waste and risk of soil pollution. The supervision is adapted to the activities that take place at the company.

It may happen that we become aware of violations of rules and conditions, which require emphasis or injunction to get the relationship put in order before a given deadline.

After the environmental inspection, the company receives an inspection letter with comments to the environmental inspection - eg whether there are conditions that need to be improved - as well as an inspection report, which describes the observed environmental conditions at the company.

When is an environmental inspection carried out?

Different types of environmental inspections are performed:

  • Basic supervision
    Inspections are carried out at least every 3 years on companies and farms that have or must have an environmental approval / notification, and every 6 years on all other companies covered by the executive order on user fees for approval and supervision.
  • Priority supervision
    Between the basic inspections, the company can get an extra smaller inspection - a priority inspection. Priority inspections are usually carried out on the companies with the greatest potential impact on the environment.
  • Campaign supervision and other supervision
    Other companies can be supervised in connection with neighbor complaints or when carrying out supervision campaigns. Supervision campaigns are delimited and targeted supervision around a specific environmental problem or theme.
As a business owner / farmer, do I have to pay for an environmental inspection?

The company / agriculture pays for the hours that the caseworker spends on supervision according to the rules in the user payment order. The hourly rate is set by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and can be viewed on the board's website.

The invoices for environmental inspections are sent out every year in November for the environmental inspections carried out in the period 1 November in the previous year to 31 October in the current year.

Where can I see the result of the audit?

No later than 4 months after the company visit has taken place, the information about the inspection is published digitally on Digital Environmental Administration.


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