Substance abuse and drugs

Read more about our offer at the Addiction Center if you have problems with alcohol, drugs, smoking or anything else.

At Addiction Center Sonderborg, you can get help to move on in life if you have an overconsumption of alcohol, hashish, cocaine, amphetamines or other narcotics and want help to change your habits.

We offer free help and open counseling at the discretion of citizens over the age of 12. It is possible to remain anonymous.

What happens after I contact the Addiction Center?

When you contact us, you will be offered an open consultation within 48 hours, which is a guidance interview.

Here you will be informed about the treatment offers that Addiction Center Sonderborg offers. If you say yes to treatment, we will do a survey with you, which maps your history with drugs or alcohol, and which will be beneficial for the planning of your individual course of treatment. 

The mapping interview lasts 1 hour and is an interview where you provide relevant information about yourself.

What does Misbrugscenter Sønderborg offer after the first inquiry?

Addiction Center Sonderborg offers treatment without admission to group offers, individual treatment, family-oriented drug treatment or day treatment. You can also be referred to around the clock treatment.

Group therapy

Group therapy is a form of treatment that can give you a fellowship with others in an addiction 1-2 times a week. Here you get knowledge and facts about thoughts, feelings and behaviors and gain a greater insight into yourself.

There are different types of group offers, and together with a therapist we will find the offer that best suits you. 

Individual treatment

You can also be offered an individual course with 2-4 conversations per. month for a limited period.

Family-oriented drug treatment

If you have an addiction and have children under the age of 18, the whole family can be offered family-oriented drug treatment. The purpose is to offer treatment and support to deal with the various issues that the use of drugs entails for the whole family. 

Day treatment

Day treatment is an intensive group course of 10 weeks with attendance 4 days a week. The course focuses on your change, and there are ongoing admissions of new citizens every 14 days. 

Can I get counseling and treatment as a young person?

If you are between 12 and 23 years old, the Youth Team is there for you if you would like a conversation about your drug use. We offer 1-3 consultations and it is completely non-binding and free. During the conversations, we will find out what can help you.

If you are under the age of 18 and are going through a course of treatment, your parents must give our consent for us to start a course of treatment. In the process, you will receive help to reduce or stop your consumption or prevent relapse. The treatment takes place individually or in groups. 

Should I stop consuming if I start treatment?

Together, we prepare goals for your course of treatment, which can be either stabilization, reduction or cessation. 

Can I get medical treatment?

It will be possible to have a doctor's appointment, where an assessment can be made of whether medical treatment is needed for a period of time. The medical treatment must take place in relation with the social work treatment.

Can you get anonymous substance abuse treatment?

Sønderborg Municipality, in collaboration with Aabenraa, Haderslev and Tønder, offers anonymous substance abuse treatment.

To be eligible for anonymous substance abuse treatment, you must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • be in education, in employment or in another connection to the labor market 
  • have settled housing conditions
  • have a consumption of drugs that does not require medical treatment
  • have a real desire to reduce or stop your use of drugs
  • need to be anonymous

The treatment consists of:

  • 1 interview - in person, by telephone or virtually
  • 8 group sessions - virtual
  • 1 final interview - in person, by telephone or virtually

The treatment is free and you do not have to provide your name or social security number. no.

Can I contact a social and street nurse?

If you know a person who has problems with abuse, isolation and / or homelessness, you can contact the social and street nurse on tel. +45 27 90 63 15. The offer is for everyone who for one reason or another is particularly vulnerable and needs to be approached. The scheme is free and anonymous.

The social and street nurse can, for example, be helpful in obtaining and coordinating dental treatment or help in obtaining free injection equipment (tools).

Can I get help as a relative? 

If you are a relative of a loved one with an addiction problem, we offer a group therapy for relatives and conversations. Here you can get teaching and sparring, so you can get a greater understanding of and insight into the addiction and talk about the situation you are in. 

Are there other offers at the Addiction Center?

At the Addiction Center we also offer:

  • Ear Acupuncture (NADA)
  • Free injection equipment (tools)
  • Vaccination for hepatitis, etc.
  • Meeting place (værested) for all enrolled and previously enrolled with activities and community. The Lykken meeting place is open Monday to Friday 08.30 am - 12.00 pm.
What is #mindrunk?

minor intoxication is a preventive effort which aims to reduce the consumption and spread of drugs among students in secondary education.
#mindrerus consists of teaching students and teachers, as well as individual conversations with students where there may be concern about drug intake.

#mindrerus can be found at the following secondary schools: Sønderborg State School, BC Syd, AGS, VUC Syd, FGU, EUC Syd and 10eren.

As a student at one of these youth programmes, you can contact the drug consultant at the school if you feel that you need clarification about your own use of drugs or if you are concerned about the drug intake of one of your schoolmates. 

The school can also invite you to talk to #mindrerus if they have a concern for your well-being. What we talk about stays between us.

You can contact #mindrerus on the telephone number: 27 90 71 17.

What is family-oriented substance abuse treatment?

In family-oriented substance abuse treatment, we sit together to talk about the importance and consequences of substance abuse in your family. Thus, the course can address both the intoxicated party and children.

Family-oriented substance abuse treatment can:

  • Give the family the opportunity to put their own experiences into words and listen to each other
  • Support the family to build new ways of being together

The offer is aimed at you who:

  • Have children under the age of 18, have a drug problem or are the partner of a drug addict
  • Desires change in relation to drug use
  • Wants to strengthen relations in the close family

You can contact Misbrugscenter Sønderborg for further information

Where can I get help for consuming benzodiazapines?

If you need help with your consumption of benzodiazepines, you should consult your own doctor, as this may be associated with a particular risk. 

If you need further assistance, please contact The Benzo Advice.

Where can I find quality standards?

See all quality standards here.

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