Municipal (local) elections

Local elections are held every four years on the third Tuesday in November. Read more about the election here.

The last local elections were held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

In the local elections, candidates for Sønderborg City Council, which consists of 31 members, are voted on. The members are elected for a four-year term.

By using your vote, you have an influence on all the decisions made in the municipality.

Who can vote in the local elections?

You can vote and stand for local elections in Sønderborg Municipality if you have a permanent residence in the municipality and are 18 years of age or older.
In addition, you must either:

  • have Danish citizenship
  • be a national of one of the other Member States of the European Union,
  • be a citizen of Iceland or Norway, or
  • without interruption have had permanent residence in the kingdom for the last 4 years prior to election day
  • be a British citizen registered in the CPR per. 31 January 2020 and since then has had a permanent residence in Denmark
Can I run in the local elections?

If you meet the conditions for voting, you can also run in the local elections in the following ways:

  1. Line up through a political party
    The vast majority of candidates are nominated through the parties on party lists. This typically happens when the parties' local branches contact potential candidates well in advance of the election and, by voting internally in the local branches, decide where on the list the individual candidates should be placed.
  2. Set up a citizen list
    It is also possible to be drawn up through a party-neutral citizen list. These lists are typically formed by citizens who go to the polls to change a specific situation in the municipality that is not necessarily affiliated with the political parties.
  3. Stand up alone
    Finally, one can stand alone by making a candidate list with only one name.

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