Sick care and civic clinics

Sick care can be provided to you around the clock if you are ill or weakened. Sick care is performed in a civic clinic, alternatively in your own home.

If you are affected by an illness or are weakened, you can receive free nursing care for eg medication dosing, injections, wound treatment and pain treatment.

How can I get nursing?

Sick care is provided by appointment with a general practitioner, on-call doctor or hospital. At the first contact with the sick care, you will agree on the date and time of the help.

If you need emergency sick care after, for example, an admission, you can get help from our Emergency Team through your doctor, emergency doctor or hospital.

The emergency nurse will always be in close dialogue with a doctor about your treatment.

Where does the nursing take place?

Sonderborg Municipality offers sick care in local civic clinics. In special cases, sick care can also take place at home.

The Civic Clinic is staffed with a nurse who will offer you the care and treatment you need.

There are several benefits to receiving nursing care at the Civic Clinic:

  • You receive your sick care from a nurse in a professional environment with a high level of hygiene.
  • You are not dependent on having to wait for the nurse to come to your home.
  • You get more freedom to plan your daily life.

You and the nurse agree from time to time when you should come again.

Who should I contact if I need to change my appointment with the nursing or emergency team?

If you are prevented, please cancel as soon as possible to either the civic clinic (see contact information below), the sick care or the emergency team.

If you receive sick care in your own home, contact the sick care group in the district in which you live. See which district you belong to in the overview in the street list.

Enter your address in the map and see which district you belong to.

Contact information for the sick care or emergency team:

Where can I find quality standards and supervision?

See all quality standards here.

See supervision here.

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Civic clinics

Borgerklinik Kongevej
Kongevej 19
6400 Sønderborg
Tel. no .: +45 27 90 04 65

Borgerklinik Nordborg
Mads Clausens Vej 13
6430 Nordborg
Tel. no .: +45 27 90 04 67

Borgerklinik Guderup
Nørreled 29
6430 Nordborg
Tel. no .: +45 29 64 04 26

Citizen clinic Tandsbjerg
Tandsbjerg 10
6400 Sønderborg
Tel. no .: +45 88 72 47 66

Borgerklinik Ulsnæs
6300 Gråsten
Tlf. nr.: +45 27 90 04 62

Borgerklinik Ulkebøl
Mågevænget 10
6400 Sønderborg
Tlf. nr.: +45 88 72 47 66

Borgerklinik Augustenborg
Svanehaven 2
6440 Augustenborg
Tlf. nr.: +45 40 47 15 06

Borgerklinik Egernsund
Høllevej 6
6320 Egernsund
Tlf. nr.: +45 27 90 04 66