Nursing homes and care centers

A nursing home is a home where there are staff around the clock who can support you in relation to your needs.

If you need support around the clock, you can apply for a place at a nursing home.

It is an overall assessment of your needs that is decisive for whether you can be approved for a nursing home. If you want to live with a spouse or cohabitant, the accommodation offered must be suitable for two people.

Who can get a nursing home?

You may be placed on a waiting list for a nursing home if you have severe physical or mental disabilities, and you thus have a comprehensive, lasting need for care, support, togetherness and close contact with the staff:

  • You need massive support around the clock (day, evening and night).
  • It is not justifiable for you to be alone in your home, and you cannot call for help in the event of an emergency.
  • It is difficult to give you the necessary help in your own home.

You can be approved for a special care home for elderly people with developmental disabilities at Tangshave Bo- og Aktivitetscenter, if you also: 

  • Are mentally challenged
  • Have a significant health professional and nursing need
  • Are clearly age-impaired
  • Have obvious physical and mental loss of function.

You can be approved for a special care home for severely demented citizens at Guderup Plejecenter if:

  • You are basically examined and have a diagnosis of dementia
  • You are very susceptible to even small stimuli
  • You are impulse controlled, restless and restless, have uncontrolled behavior and seek immediate need satisfaction
  • You have a distorted perception of reality
  • You have lost your social skills and can not enter into social contexts
  • You lack the ability to recognize your own needs as well as the ability to receive guidance
  • You are a danger to yourself or your surroundings
  • You exhibit extroverted and aggressive behavior or depressive, anxious, and withdrawn behavior.

You can not be offered a nursing home if you are not part of the above target group and if your application is based on your age, for example, that you need security or because your family does not live nearby.

Am I on the waiting list?

If you are looking for nursing home at all of Sonderborg Municipality's care centers, you will be on the municipality's general waiting list. In that situation, you will be guaranteed a nursing home no later than 2 months after you have been placed on the waiting list.
If, on the other hand, you are only looking for nursing home at one or more specific care centers, then you will be on the municipality's specific waiting list. In that situation, there may be a longer waiting time for a nursing home.

Can I get a nursing home while I am in a temporary short-term place?

If you are staying at a temporary short-term position, you must be aware that you cannot expect to stay on the short-term stay while you are waiting for a care home. 
In that situation, you will have to wait for a nursing home in your own home where you will receive the necessary help during the waiting period. 
You can significantly shorten the waiting time in your home if you choose to apply for a nursing home via the general waiting list.

Can I get a nursing home in another municipality?

If you want a nursing home in another municipality, you must first apply in Sonderborg Municipality. 
If we find you eligible for a nursing home, we will forward your application to the desired municipality.
In order for you to get a nursing home in the other municipality, however, it is a prerequisite that that municipality also assesses that you meet their criteria for a nursing home.

What benefits can I get in a nursing home?

In addition to rent, you can choose a number of services:

Service: Price per. month (2022 prices):
Full diet 3.888 DKK
Washing of personal clothing and linen
(can also be settled according to usage)
71 DKK
Toilet and cleaning items 168 DKK
Common expenses (entertainment, flowers, etc.) 104 DKK

Payment for the services will be deducted from the pension by Udbetaling Danmark.

Where can I see case processing times, quality standards and rates?

See case processing times here.

See all quality standards here.

See all tariffs here.

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