Nutrition assistant

Read more about the training for nutrition assistant in Sønderborg Municipality.

A nutrition assistant cooks in institutions or production kitchens, among other places, and during the school year you learn about raw materials as well as preparing and preparing food.

How do I train as a nutrition assistant in Sønderborg Municipality?

The education lasts 3 years, and students are hired on 1 January and 1 August.

During the internship period, you will be trained in the central kitchen, which produces food for nursing home residents, the café and food for Sønderborg Municipality's course department, as well as in the kitchens in the housing units that produce daily food for the residents in the individual housing unit.

In order for students to be considered for an internship, the basic course "Food for people" as well as the basic course GF1 and GF2 must be passed.

Work with food at Tangshave Care Centre

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