Obligations of landowners

Read more about your obligations as a landowner, eg pruning of plantings along sidewalks, paths and roads as well as cleaning sidewalks.
Can I apply for a grant to drain my unused water borehole or well?

As a landowner, you are responsible for removing unused boreholes and wells on your cadastre, as they can pose a contamination risk for the groundwater.

The application period is 1 September - 14 October 2022.

link: Apply for drilling boreholes and wells via the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's website

link: Find information about your bore/bread

As a landowner, do I have to mow my hedge and shrubs?

Landowners themselves have a duty to mow the outside of their hedge out to public areas and private public roads. This applies to hedges facing sidewalks, roads, paths, playgrounds and green areas. The hedge must be cut so that it does not spread over public areas, and is a nuisance to traffic. This means that the hedge must be cut so that it is kept on its own private land.

For shrubs and other low vegetation, the same rule applies as for hedges.

As a landowner, do I have to cut down my trees?

Landowners must ensure that there is an adequate headroom under trees that grow beyond sidewalks, paths and roads.

The ground clearance above the sidewalks must be min. 2,3 meters, and the ground clearance must be min. 3 meters over trails.

Above the carriageway, where there must also be space for trucks and buses, there must be free passage at a height of at least 4,2 meters.

Road signs, traffic lights, street lights and other road equipment must at all times be kept free of planting for reasons of road safety.

The Road Board may require trees and other plantings on, over and in road areas to be removed, cut down, truncated or truncated. The same applies to trees and other planting at road areas when the road is being repaired or traffic considerations make it necessary. If the requirements of the road board are not complied with within a set time limit, the road board may have the work carried out by its own measure at the owner's expense.

As a landowner, do I have to keep my sidewalk clean?

If your property is located next to a path or a sidewalk, you have a duty to clean the part of the sidewalk / path that lies along your plot, even if you do not have a driveway to the road. This applies to both public areas and private public roads when the sidewalk or path is closer to the property than 10 meters.

The duty to clean includes:

  • To remove weeds on the entire sidewalk area. However, if your property is adjacent to a path, you only have a duty to keep it clean out to the middle of the path.
  • Sweeping of paved, paved, tiled or otherwise surface-treated traffic areas.
  • To remove waste and other things that are polluting or to the detriment of traffic.
  • Clean ditches, gutter stones, downspouts, pipe passages and outlet gutters for anything that may impede the free flow of water.

Pesticides containing glyphosate (eg Roundup) must not be used to control weeds in public areas. This is stipulated in an agreement between Sonderborg Municipality and the Ministry of the Environment on the phasing out of pesticides on public areas and the municipality's pesticide policy.

The swept waste must be removed immediately and must not be swept down into gutter or gutter wells.

In winter, you must also remove snow etc. on your sidewalk.

May I change the access conditions at my property?

To change or establish your access to the road, you must apply for a permit.

If you are not a landowner, a power of attorney from this must be attached. The application must contain a picture or sketch showing where the change or establishment of the access is desired with an indication of goals. The purpose of the change / new access must be stated, including information on traffic type and volume.

When permission is granted for an access, there may be special conditions regarding the establishment, the design, what the access may be used for, overview conditions and the like. Conditions can also be set for the rebuilding of the existing road with curves, roundabouts, signaling systems, striping, etc. All costs in connection with these works can be imposed on the applicant.

What happens if I do not comply with my obligations as a landowner?

The municipality may require planting and trees on, over and in the road area removed, cut down, truncated or blocked when the road is repaired or the consideration for traffic makes it necessary. The same applies to the cleaning of the traffic area at a landowner's property, so that the traffic is not disturbed and the pavement is not destroyed.

If the municipality's requirements are not complied with within a set deadline, the municipality may have the work carried out at the expense of the landowner.

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