Political party support

Once a year, the parties can apply for the payment of financial support for political work.

Candidate lists that have received more than 100 votes in the most recent local elections can apply to Sønderborg Municipality for payment of grants for political work this year. The application deadline is before the end of the year.

Payment is made once a year and is calculated on the basis of the candidate list's number of votes in the most recent municipal election.

How much have the parties been paid in party support in 2022?

Below is what has so far been paid in party support in the year 2022 for parties in Sønderborg municipality.

Left Amount
Liberal Alliance 1.046,25
Det Radikale Venstre 3.231,75
Venstre 94.333,00
Nye Borgerlige 15.554,25
Socialdemokratiet 135.427,00
Frihedslisten 821,50
Socialistisk Folkeparti 6.269,75
What must the grant recipient state when applying?

In connection with the application, the grant recipient must submit a declaration of:

  • incurred expenditure on political work in the previous year
  • expected expenditure on political work in the current year
  • grants received from private and anonymous grants
Where can I read more about party support?

On Website of the Ministry of the Interior and Housing you can read more about party support.

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