Family benefits

Maternity allowance, child and youth benefit, child allowance and child contribution. Read more about family benefits.

There are various family benefits that you can either get paid automatically or apply for.

It is Udbetaling Danmark, which is responsible for the payment of family benefits.

Can I receive maternity allowance?

You and the child's other parent have the right to maternity leave when you have a child. Most can receive maternity benefits during leave instead of the income that would otherwise have been valid.

See and calculate your maternity leave or read more about maternity leave and maternity benefits on

Can I receive child and youth benefit?

The child and young person benefit is automatically paid to the mother and father (half each if you have joint custody of the child) when you have a child until the child reaches the age of 18. 

Read more about child and youth benefit

Can I get child allowance?

As a mother or father, you may be able to receive child allowance if, for example, you are a single parent, are in education or have twins. Read more about the different types of child allowance at

Can I get child support?

As parents, you have a duty to support your child. If you do not live together, one of you may have to pay a contribution to the other. Read more about child support

Am I deducted from my child and youth benefit if I owe money for day care?

If you have not paid for day and club offers or school leisure time schemes for your municipality, SKAT can set off what you owe in your child and youth benefit. In that case, you will receive a letter from SKAT. 

If you have questions or disagree with the set-off amount, you must contact your municipality, because it is the municipality that has decided to collect and set-off your debt for day care.

What should I do if my situation changes?

When you receive family benefits and your situation changes, you have a duty to inform Udbetaling Danmark immediately. Read more about family benefits

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