Pension, early retirement pension and subsidies

Read more about the rules for national pension, early retirement pension and subsidies here.

Depending on your year of birth, you can apply for state pension when you are between 65-69 years old. The state pension can be applied for at the earliest six months before you are entitled to it. 

Udbetaling Danmark pays you a pension.

Can I receive special allowances as an early or old-age pensioner?

As a pensioner, you can apply for:

Can I get extended health allowance?

If you are a public pensioner or an early pensioner awarded before 2003, you can apply for an extended health supplement to pay your own expenses for dentures, glasses and foot treatment, which are not eligible for subsidies under the Health Act.

Apply or read more at 

Sønderborg municipality has entered into a price agreement with:

  • Glasses – Louis Nielsen, Sønderborg
  • Dental prosthesis – Weiss Clinical dental technician, Rasmus Gade Clinical dental technician and the Dental Prosthetic Clinic w/ Michelle and Madura
  • Foot treatment – ​​Foot Clinic Aida, Jæger's Foot Care and Mjels Foot Care

The price agreements have been concluded to ensure the cheapest reasonable solution, but you are always free to choose a solution from others. 

How and where can I get my pensioner's certificate?

If you are a public pensioner or an early pensioner, you must contact Borgerservice who can issue one to you.

You must bring:

  • ID - either health card, driver's license or passport. then Borgerservice can hand over your pensioner's certificate immediately

You do not need to bring a photo as there is no photo on a pensioner's certificate.

Remember to book an appointment in advance if you need to visit Borgerserivce.

You can book an appointment by phone on the phone number: +45 88 72 40 10 .

Click to see Borgerservice telephone times

Where can I read more about the rules for national pension and early retirement?

Read more on about pensions etc.

Where can I read more about the rules for senior pension?

Senior pension is for you who have reduced ability to work due to health problems and have a long working life behind them.

Read more about senior pension at

Where can I find case processing times?

See case processing times here.

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