Jetboat sailing

Read the current rules for jet skiing.

You should be aware that in some places in Sønderborg Municipality there are restrictions on sailing with jet skis and similar vessels, and that it is prohibited in other places.

In general, watercraft sailing is prohibited within 300 m of the coast - with the exception of transport out to the end of the 300 meter zone. Sailing there must take place perpendicular to the coast at a maximum speed of 5 knots.

For reasons of natural values, sailing with jet skis is prohibited in Natura 2000 areas (international nature conservation areas), game reserves and protected areas.

Sailing with jet skis may not take place from and to coastal areas designated as municipal bathing beaches.

It is the municipality that is the supervisory authority according to the jet ski order and the police that enforces offences. Therefore, if you experience inconvenience from jet skiing, you can report illegalities to us or directly to the police.

Read more in Watercraft executive order or on the police website.

map of the water at Als and Sundeved with limited sailing

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