Funds for Cultural Events 2022-2025

Read more about the purpose, criteria and application for the Pool for Cultural Events and Events.

In the pool for cultural events, you can apply for support for activities that make visible, strengthen and support a good place to live, a strong cultural environment across and a hotspot for children and young people.

The pool for Cultural Events can be applied for all year round, but apply well in advance. Grants can be given directly or as a loss guarantee. 

Who can apply?
  • Cultural institutions
  • Cultural actors
  • Associations
  • Organizations
  • Artists
  • Others who work with culture, art, literature, cultural history, cultural creativity as well as larger and smaller cultural events and events held in Sønderborg Municipality.
What are the criteria for applying for the pool?

The pool can be applied for by citizens and associations resident both in and outside Sønderborg Municipality to support a cultural event or event based on "the good life", which is held in Sønderborg Municipality.

Priority is given to applications that fall into the following areas:

  • to ensure equal access to culture for all citizens
  • to strengthen and support cultural, literary and art experiences throughout the municipality
  • to mark unique and historic events
  • to promote the link between culture, health and education
  • to focus on cultural experiences, sports and leisure activities at sea
  • to strengthen social and cultural meeting places for young people throughout the municipality
  • to create opportunities for and equal access for all children to have access to experiences on the municipality's stages and in association life in collaboration with cultural actors, institutions, associations and enthusiasts.
  • to support cross-cutting collaborations between several parties, e.g. different parts of cultural life, cultural institutions, business and municipalities.
Which events are not supported?
  • Applications that are solely for the benefit of the applicant or his company; including private events, facilities or releases.
  • Projects where culture is not the mainstay.
  • Projects of a party political or religious nature.
  • Projects not carried out in Sønderborg Municipality.
What should our application contain?

Facts about:

  • Applicant: Association name, address, contact information, CVR number, etc.
  • Event: date, place, etc.
  • Describe the purpose of the event
  • Describe the content of the event
  • Justify your application:
    - Why should Sønderborg Municipality support this particular event?
    - How does the application speak into KulturKompasset's goals and action plan?


  • Specify the amount applied for and a description of what the support is to be used for.
  • Attach a separate budget stating expected income and expenses.
  • Indicate any co-financing, eg in the form of foundation funds or own voluntary hours.
  • Indicate which other municipal funds and pools have been applied for or are intended to apply for, as well as which parts of the project for which funds have been applied for and how many funds the applications have contributed.
  • If the event has been held earlier, the applicant must state which municipal funds have been applied for and received up to three years back. 
When is the subsidy paid?

Payment is made by agreement with the applicant, typically before the event (does not apply if it is a loss guarantee). No later than three months after the event has taken place, you as the applicant must provide feedback.

You are obliged to:

  • To submit an account corresponding to the amount of the grant
  • To complete an electronic evaluation form
What happens if the event is canceled?

In the event of cancellation of an event that has received a grant, it applies that already incurred urgent expenses are paid, and that the rest of the grant goes to Sønderborg Municipality.

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