Prices for daycare in SFO and club

See what it costs to get daycare for your child in SFO or club.

Payment is charged 11 months in advance (July is free of charge). Payment for SFO care in July, however, is charged per. week.

What does the after-school program / SFO (0th to 2nd grade) cost?
Full package (care from 6.30 am to 16.30 pm - also during holidays except July) DKK 2.075/month
Morning care DKK 436/month
Afternoon care DKK 1.438 / month
Holiday care during school holidays and on holidays with the exception of the month of July (purchase) DKK 470/month
Holiday care in the month of July - purchased per. week DKK 463/week
Summer holiday module week 31 (3 days) 93 DKK
What does the club cost (3rd to 6th grade)?
An entire club season (from the first day of school to the last day of school) DKK 1.175/month
Morning care - only for children in 3rd grade  DKK 624 / month

Holiday care - only for children in 3rd grade (optional)
Can be offered during the autumn holidays, between Christmas and New Year, the winter holidays, before Easter, the day after Kr. Ascension Day, from the last school day to June 30 and from August 1 to the 1st school day.

DKK 130/day
Holiday childcare in July - only for children in 3rd and 4th grade (additional purchase) DKK 463/week
Can I get a sibling discount or free space subsidy?

Read more about the rules here.

How are SFO and club paid?

The first time you register your child for preschool or club, you will be sent a deposit slip in an e-box. You can register this deposit card for PBS. If your child changes from kindergarten to SFO or from SFO to a club, you must be aware that a possible The PBS agreement will no longer be active, but must be registered with your bank again, as the child changes institution type. 

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