Project area at Egernvej, 6300 Gråsten

Bid on the attractive project area Egernvej in Gråsten of approx. 7.635 m2 for the development of year-round housing.

About the plot at Egernvej, Gråsten

The area is attractive for residential development, and there is a great demand for homes and building plots in the Gråsten area. Sønderborg Municipality wants to develop the area for year-round housing, such as land sales, sales or letting of homes. The plot is the last remnant of the popular Animal Højkvarter in Gråsten, which has not yet been built on. The buyer must be aware that there is a requirement for construction duty.

The area is approx. 7.635 m2, and here you have the option of building either close/low or open/low housing.

How do I buy the area?
  1. Get the purchase offer via the button at the top of the page.
  2. Fill in the purchase offer in signed form and remember to state the purchase price, takeover date, CVR and Printout of subscription rule.
  3. Send the purchase offer via the button at the top of the page.
When can I take over the area?

The sale takes place with immediate takeover and a maximum of 3 months after the purchase offer is submitted. 

In connection with the sale, the buyer must himself make the necessary cadastral changes and prepare the cadastre. The area is currently used as grassland.

What are the soil conditions and the environment like?

The plot has not been archaeologically investigated, and the buyer must initiate any preliminary investigations and excavation and make an agreement on this with Museum Sønderjylland. In an archaeological statement for cadastral 1512v, Museum Sønderjylland assesses that there will be a high risk of encountering significant, fixed historical monuments during construction work within the affected cadastre, which is why a preliminary investigation is recommended.

Is the ground contaminated?

There are no known contaminants on the site.

Is there a risk of flooding?

Smaller parts of the plot have been designated as areas where there is little risk of rainwater flooding.

Have soil surveys been carried out?

No soil surveys have been carried out on the areas. You are welcome to carry out investigations after prior written acceptance by Sønderborg Municipality. The areas must be fully re-established if the property is not purchased.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

The buyer must be aware that a turning area dimensioned according to applicable road rules must be established at the end of the cul-de-sac - this has not been taken into account in the attached sketches. The road in the subdivision will have to be established as a private shared road.

What tax conditions apply?

We draw attention to the fact that the land's property valuation and derived tax rates are changed partly by subdivision and then by the buyer's use of the land.

What is the timetable for the sale?

You can bid on the land and then sell it after approval by the City Council in Sønderborg Municipality.

The land is sold to the highest bidder, but Sønderborg Municipality has the right to reject all bids. No counter-offers or additional conditions can be made in connection with the deal.

Example of a timetable for the sale of the land at Egernvej

Finance committee meeting

23. November 2022

City council meeting

30. November 2022

Feedback to buyers

1. December 2022

Takeover day at the latest

5 January 2023

Plots of land must be ready for sale at the latest, or:

  • Project sale of housing or letting as soon as possible

5 January 2024

5 January 2026

Offer and sales terms
  • Read our tender terms and conditions of sale
  • Bids are submitted by submitting a purchase offer (located under documents) via secure mail.
  • Remember to fill in the takeover date and necessary data about the company offering, including the buyer's CPR no. or CVR no.
  • Bids from companies must Attached is a printout from the cvr register, which is a maximum of 1 month old at the time of signature.
  • Responses to bids will be received as soon as the matter has been dealt with politically.
  • If information comes to light that is important for a purchase, it will be published here on the website.
Additions to the offer/sale
Date Add on

Yes, the building must meet the requirements of the applicable local plan:

If you have a concrete building project in mind, you are welcome to contact the Building and Housing department for guidance on your project on tel. 88 72 40 82.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact Sønderborg Municipality's Property Office. You will find the contact information at the bottom of the page.


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