Property contribution and chimney sweep tax

Read more about what taxes and property taxes are imposed on your property, how to pay and who to contact if you have questions or want to complain.

As a homeowner, you must pay property tax via your advance statement.

You will receive the property tax ticket in your digital mailbox, and the property tax is paid over two installments via separate payment cards.

How is the property tax calculated?

It is the Valuation Agency that, in connection with the property valuations, calculates the property's property value, including the taxable land value. At the annual budget negotiations, the city council determines land debt per mille for the coming year.

You can read more about property valuation and property tax at

The Assessment Agency can be contacted by telephone +45 72 22 16 16

Complaints guide

If you believe there is an error in the property value, including the land value of your property, you can submit a reasoned complaint to the Valuation Agency, either electronically or in writing:

The Danish Tax Appeals Board
Glarmestervej 4
8600 Silkeborg

Do I have to pay the chimney sweep fee?

If you have a chimney, Sønderborg Municipality charges a chimney sweep fee on behalf of the chimney sweep master. If you have questions about the charge or the technicalities around the firing point and the chimney, contact the chimney sweep directly.

For properties located on Als
Chimney sweep master John Clemmesen, Mellemvej 3, 6430 Nordborg, tel. +45 73 49 00 03.

For properties located on the mainland
Chimney sweeper Bendt Olesen ApS at Bo Olesen, Fiskbækvej 1b, 6300 Gråsten, tel. +45 21 29 19 93

Can I borrow money to pay my property tax or connection costs?

When the Tax Administration takes over the loan for payment of property tax on 1 January 2024, the loan with the municipality will be stopped, but the loan will instead continue with the Tax Administration. The loan from the municipality is put on hold, but interest will continue to accrue. Loans created before 2024 must be paid back to the municipality. However, you do not have to pay back the loan or interest before you sell your property.

If you want to know how big your loan is with us, you can contact Property Tax by phone 88 72 57 24.

You can apply for a loan for connection costs from the municipality if you or your spouse:

  • owns real estate and has a permanent residence in this country
  • is an early retirement pensioner, has reached the age of 65 or receives a social pension
  • even uses the property for residential purposes
  • has freehold value within the property's most recent public valuation

If you have several properties, you can only borrow for one property. Only loans for the land debt itself are granted.

Security for the loan

The municipality registers an indemnity letter as security for the loan. The nominal value of the indemnity letter must have been mortgaged within the most recently employed public property value.

The registration fee is paid by the municipality. There is no cost to you as a borrower.

When the loan, including interest, constitutes 95% of the value of the indemnity letter, the municipality decides whether the loan can continue.

If you take out new loans or restructure existing loans, there is a possibility that the indemnity letter can be moved if there is still coverage within the property value.

The loan interest rate

The interest rate is set for one year at a time and the loan amount bears interest at a market interest rate.

The loan interest rate for 2024 is 3,57%.

Impact on interest rates

When collecting loan amounts in connection with repayment, a discount is granted in the calculated interest rates. The interest rate cut corresponds to the tax value.

The interest rate cut in 2023 amounts to 25%.

The interest is not deductible in the taxable income.


When should the loan be repaid?

  • When the property is sold (in whole or in part).
  • When the borrower vacates the property. (There are special rules when moving to a nursing home or institution. Contact the property tax department to hear more.)
  • When the borrower dies. However, a spouse sitting in unaltered residence may take over the loan.
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