Proposal for a local plan for Property for public purposes and apartment buildings on Voldgade, Sønderborg

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Municipal and local plan

On 9 April 2024, the Technology, Urban and Housing Committee has decided to publish proposals for local plan 4.2-30 for a property for public purposes and multi-storey housing on Voldgade, Sønderborg. At the same time, an environmental screening for the area has been adopted.

The purpose of the local plan is to determine the future use of the property for public purposes in the form of health institutions, cultural institutions and public administration. At the same time, Sønderborg Municipality wants to future-proof the planning basis for the property by also providing the option for multi-storey apartments.

Until a local plan proposal has been finally adopted, the properties covered by the proposal may not be built on or otherwise used in a way that could prejudge the content of the final plan, according to section 17 of the Planning Act. The temporary legal effects only apply until the final adopted local plan has been published and no later than one year after the publication of the proposed local plan.

Possibility of comments
The local plan proposal is in public consultation for four weeks until 12 May 2024. While the local plan proposal is in consultation, you have the opportunity to make your comments on the local plan. When you open a local plan, you can press the "Submit comment" link at the top of the page, after which you can submit your comments on the local plan proposal. It is also possible to upload files to your comment.

Environmental screening
The local plan is covered by the Act on environmental assessment of plans and programs and must therefore, as a starting point, be environmentally assessed in accordance with section 8, subsection of the act. 1, no. 1. However, since the local plan is assessed not to be able to have significant effects on the environment, it is concluded that there is no legal requirement for the preparation of an environmental assessment. The decision not to prepare an environmental assessment is thus made on the basis of section 10, subsection of the Act. 8, No. 2.

Opportunity to appeal
In connection with the publication of a local plan proposal, you have the opportunity to complain about the municipal council's decision not to prepare an environmental assessment in accordance with the Act on Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes, cf. Section 48 of the Environmental Assessment Act. You have the opportunity to complain for up to 4 weeks from the publication of the local plan proposal.

Attached to this page is a complaint guide where you can read what you must do if you wish to lodge a complaint.

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