Public consultation – Convenience store at the Gate. Limitation of the content of the environmental impact report prior to environmental assessment

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On 5 December 2023, Sønderborg Municipality's Technical, City and Housing Committee approved the initiation of an environmental assessment for the convenience store at Porten.

The project entails the construction and operation of a new convenience store within the business area Porten, which is located west of Sønderborg town at the foot of the Alssund Bridge. The project also includes the construction of parking spaces, two pylons and the extension of an existing intersection on Aabenraavej/Alssundvej with a left-turn lane.

The project is listed on Annex 2 of the Environmental Assessment Act, point 10 b: Construction works in urban areas, including the construction of shopping centers and parking facilities.

According to section 35 of the Environmental Assessment Act, subsection 3, no. 2, the public, affected authorities and affected states must be consulted before the authority issues a statement on delimiting the content of the environmental impact report. At the hearing, the public is given the opportunity to make comments and ask questions.

The purpose of the delimitation note is that the environmental impact report, which the developer must prepare, is delimited to focus on the environmental topics that are expected to be significantly affected as a result of the project. The environmental topics that are not significantly affected are not described in more detail.

The client prepares an environmental impact report based on the demarcation note in accordance with the Environmental Assessment Act.

When the environmental impact report has been prepared, the report is forwarded to Sønderborg Municipality. It is Sønderborg Municipality's task to review the report with a view to assessing whether the report meets the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act.

Sønderborg Municipality will send a draft for delimiting the content of the environmental impact report and relevant annexes for consultation in the period 8 December 2023 to 5 January 2024. Any comments on the material must be sent to erhverv-affald@sonderborg.dk stating "Porten" in the subject field.

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