Public transport, buses and ferries as well as bus tickets for students

Information about bus services, timetables and ferries in the municipality.

Public transport (buses) is operated through cooperation with the transport company Sydtrafik. The buses run on certified biogas, and the conversion from diesel buses to gas buses provides an annual CO2 reduction of approx. 2.500 tons.

In addition to buses, there are also:

Can schoolchildren and students get a bus pass?

For primary school students

Pupils in 0th - 10th grade with a registered address in Sonderborg Municipality are offered a free school card with the option of transport in all buses in the municipality and at all times. If the student wants a bus card, the student must contact the school secretary at the school where the student is enrolled.

If the student as a citizen of Sonderborg Municipality has chosen a school in Aabenraa Municipality, ordering the school card must be done at the school in Aabenraa. The card is issued with validity within Sonderborg Municipality, and additional cards must be purchased if travel is to take place within Aabenraa Municipality.

Pupils staying at after-school (efterskole) and 10th grade at EUC are not covered by the offer.

If a bus card is lost, a ticket must always be redeemed on the bus for any bus journeys until the replacement card is received. A replacement card costs 150 kroner. Order a replacement card at the school.

Sydtrafik's travel regulations also apply to the use of school cards.

For students on secondary education or higher education

Young people and students can order Youth Cards at

The card is issued to:

  • Young 16-19 year olds who are not in education
  • Students in a youth education
  • Students in higher education

For questions about ordering and card issuance, contact Sydtrafik on tel. 76 60 86 00.


What are Flextur and Plustur?

Flextur is public transport, where you are driven in smaller carriages with other passengers. You decide where to pick up and drop off.

Flextur can be ordered by phone on tel. +45 76 60 86 08 - key 1, on Sydtrafik's flextrafik website or the Flextrafik app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. You can see one overview of prices here.

Flextur can be used every day of the week in the period 06.00 am - midnight in the whole of Sonderborg Municipality, but not on the 24.00th and 24st of December.

Read more about Flextrafik

Plustur is flextrafik for driving between address and stop. A Plustur can only be booked via as part of a total journey (eg a Plustur from Kværs to Gråsten Station to continue the journey from there by train). Read more about Plustur.

Where can I see if there is a detour due to road work, weather conditions or other temporary situations?

When excavation work, events, processions or the like on public roads mean that the buses cannot run as planned, the changes are announced on Sydtrafik's website. In some cases, there will also be advertising at the stops and in the buses, but as a starting point it is Sydtrafik's website og, which must be used if you want to check whether you are driving as planned.

It also happens that the weather is to blame for the bus ride not being carried out as planned. This is especially in the winter months, when slippery or snow can prevent the buses from getting around. Also in those situations, information will be provided via the transport company's website, just as the information will also, if possible, be brought via the local radio.

What criteria are there for public transport in Sønderborg Municipality?

The city council has adopted principles for how collective bus traffic in Sønderborg Municipality is planned. The principles apply to all the routes that run internally in the municipality (the municipal border is not crossed) and therefore not to routes 110, 112, 113, 128 and 900X, which are financed by Region South Denmark.

The overall criteria are, among other things, following:

  • The city buses run on weekdays between 07.00 – 17.00.
  • The school bus routes are organized according to the district schools for which the municipality has a public transport obligation. There is one drive in and a maximum of two/three drives home, depending on whether it is a school with a superstructure. There must be a 60-minute waiting time between the school's bell time and the bus's arrival or departure time. Aim for a maximum of 15 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. Special transport requests from the independent schools will only be accommodated if this can be done without significant additional costs, with the exception of a few specific trips.
  • Public transport is offered where there is a need for public transport. There will be special focus on the education seekers.
  • There is reduced driving on the catchment routes during the school holiday periods
  • Night bus service with one departure from Sønderborg Bus Station on the nights after Fridays and Saturdays
  • Summer bus at Nordals
  • Flextur and Plustur


Route 223: Runs every day
Route 224: Runs on school days 
Route 225/226: Runs every day adapted to the ferry Fynshav-Bøjden.
Route 229: Runs on weekdays and Saturdays


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