Register insight

All citizens have the right, to a large extent, to gain insight into the documents that are part of the case processing in Sonderborg Municipality.

All citizens have the right to receive information about what is written in electronic registers about themselves (register access). 

In addition, everyone has the right to see documents that are part of the public administration. This is called access to documents, which you can read more about here.

What information can I see about myself?

As a citizen, you have the right:

  • to be informed which personal data about you the municipality processes
  • to be informed when the municipality collects personal information about you, unless you are aware of it in advance - for example because you yourself have submitted an application form with the information. The municipality must also state whether information is passed on to others
  • to protest against certain information being processed - eg if you believe that the municipality does not have the right to process or pass on your personal information. If the protest is justified, processing must cease
  • to get incorrect information corrected
  • to revoke a consent to the processing of sensitive information

You only have the right to gain registry access to personal information about yourself.

You can see for yourself what it says about you in The Central Person Register by logging in with MitID. It does not cost anything.

If you do not have a MitID or need help, you can contact Borgerservice for help. 

The rights of the individual citizen are set out in the EU Regulation on data protection.

What information does the municipality typically register about me?

The information that is typically registered about you as a citizen is:

  • name, address and possibly marital status (eg married, unmarried, divorced, widow, widower, registered partner, previously registered partner)
  • birth registration information (eg place of birth information)
  • citizenship 
  • kinship (eg information about parents and custody)
  • relationship to the Danish National Church (eg member or former member)
  • Possibly information about incapacitation
  • Possibly protection information (eg name and address protection)
Can I complain about the registry insight?

If you are dissatisfied with the answer given by the municipality about the processing of information about you, you can complain to Datatilsynet.

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