Relocation and moving

Report a move here if you are moving to Sønderborg Municipality from another municipality or if you are moving to another address within Sønderborg Municipality.

If you move and change address, you have a duty to report the move. You must report the move no later than 5 days after you have moved, otherwise you risk a fine.

Do I have to choose a doctor when I move?

When you move, you must also choose which doctor you want to use. 

Should I report a move to my child?

If your child moves home with the child's other parent, the parent with whom the child will live must notify the child of the move. Log in with your MitID and select "I am moving a non-resident child/children home to my address".

Children aged 15-17 can also report moving themselves with their own MitID. 

Do I have to report a move abroad?

If you are staying abroad for more than six months, you must register as departing before departure. However, if you move to either Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland or the Faroe Islands from Denmark, you must report the move to your new municipality of residence. 

Move your address abroad here or change your previously registered foreign address.

If you move abroad for less than six months, you can keep your Danish population register address if you do not borrow or rent out your home. 

Read more about relocation at or on departure for more than 6 months.
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