Disagreement about hedges, fences etc.

If you and your neighbor disagree about a hedge, fence or other planting between your grounds, you can contact the Fence Inspectorate for help in deciding the matter.

If you and your neighbor disagree about hedges, fences or other planting between your grounds, you can contact Fence Inspectorate (Hegnsynet) to get help in deciding the case.

How do I complain?

Complain via the link at the top of the page.

It is important that you write specifically what you want the Fence Inspectorate to decide on:

For example: I want the Fence Inspectorate to determine the height at 1,80 m - write can not: I want the Fence Inspectorate to look at the height of the fence.

You must be aware that you must provide all the facts in the case yourself, and that the Fence Inspectorate takes a neutral position on the case based on the information you and your neighbor provide.

What are the rules for fencing?

Fences must be below 1,75 m from the boundary line. 

Read the rules about different types of fencing or read the Fence Act.

What can Hegnsynet not decide on?

The Fence Inspectorate cannot make decisions regarding:

  • Fences that stand at a distance of more than 1,75 meters from boundaries
  • solitary trees
  • the location of the skeleton

The Fence Inspectorate can also not give advisory opinions in specific cases. You can instead take such cases to court or settle with a land surveyor.

How does Hegnsynet handle my case?

When the Fence Inspectorate receives your request for a fence inspection, the complaint will be sent for consultation to your neighbor, and you will be summoned to an inspection and negotiation meeting with the Fence Inspectorate.

At the inspection and negotiation meeting, you must present your views and allegations orally to Hegnsynet.

The Fence Inspectorate will try to mediate a settlement between you. If a settlement cannot be reached, the Fence Inspectorate will make a decision in the case, cf. the Fencing Act.

The Fence Inspectorate's decision can be appealed to the court and a settlement is a binding agreement with you and your neighbor and has the character of a court settlement.

If the ruling or settlement is not complied with, the Fence Inspectorate may, at the request of the aggrieved party, decide that the missing work is carried out by the chairman (enforcement, cf. section 44 of the Fencing Act).

What does a fence inspection cost?

A fence inspection costs DKK 2.100. The amount is only paid when the case has been dealt with and a decision has been made. The amount is usually paid by the person who loses the case. However, Hegnsynet can decide on a different distribution between you and your neighbour.

If you want to revoke a fencing case before an inspection and negotiation meeting has been held, the fee is DKK 700.

In case of enforcement of work in accordance with Section 44 of the Fence Act, the fee is DKK 1.200. 

Prices are adjusted every year on 1 January.

If you do not have the opportunity to pay for a fence inspection, you can apply to the Danish Agency for Agriculture for help in paying the fee

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