Employment offer for citizens with disabilities - SAABU

SAABU offers sheltered employment and activities and social opportunities within the disability area.

You can apply for protected employment if your functional impairment is so significant that you cannot have a regular job or a job supported in another way by the Jobcentre, and you have been awarded an early retirement pension.

SAABU has a number of versatile and exciting employment opportunities, where you have the opportunity to develop professionally, socially and personally, so that you can increase your independence.

We work on the basis of a job plan, where you have the opportunity to pursue your wishes and goals for your working life.

Who can use SAABU?

We offer employment and clarification courses for people with developmental disabilities. 

We also offer clarification courses for citizens in resource courses and activity-ready cash benefit recipients.

Finally, at SAABU Østerlund we offer activity and togetherness for you who need activating support and care. The offer includes activities, stimulation and training in various forms.

Where are the employment and social services?
Name Address Telephone number.
SAABU Nature Bækvej 10, Sjellerup, 6430 Nordborg +45 27 90 62 68
SAABU Area Manager Under the Bridge 20, 6400 Sønderborg +45 27 90 62 70
SAABU Møllestedgård Under the Bridge 20, 6400 Sønderborg +45 20 27 10 30
SAABU Østerlund Mellemvej 16, 6430 Nordborg +45 27 90 62 68
How does the municipality find the right employment offer for me?

Depending on your wishes and resources, we have four options for you:

  • Into jobs
    The job takes place at one of SAABU's protected drop-in centers. Here you can work with gardening, metal and machine operation, creative work, domestic animals, agriculture, shop, carpentry and assembly and packaging tasks.
  • Out to work
    The job takes place with an external partner, however with daily support and the necessary individual care considerations. You can work at:
    - Bilka in Center East with i.a. the bottle room, waste sorting, unpacking and hanging of textiles, trimming product shelves, wiping tables and cleaning up in the Bistro as well as washing dishes. The offer is for you who want to be in a regular workplace, and for you who want targeted training for a gentle job.
    - The café in Humlehøjhallen with serving guests, cooking, cleaning and sales.
    - Glass and Shop in Humlehøjhallen, where you help to make high-quality glass products for sale in the shop. There is access to the glass workshop for interested audiences, and you can therefore be looked over the shoulder of curious visitors.
    - Center for Global Goals at Kær Vestermark, where you can work with nature conservation, beach clearing, maintenance, pruning, lawn mowing and guidance of the Center for Global Goals' many users. 

  • Unique job
    In a unique job, you work at a company for the purpose of training for a low-wage job. You will be followed by a job coach who follows up on how things are going. We will find the workplace with you, based on your wishes for your working life. You must be motivated, able to transport yourself and be able to meet stably and on time.
  • Sheltered jobs
    SAABU has hired a job consultant who can establish low-wage jobs. The job consultant is for you who want to enter into an actual employment relationship in a regular workplace in the private or public sector.
What is activating support and care?

The offer is for you who have the most extensive disabilities, where we always take your individual needs as our starting point.

We use play, games, singing, music, movement, reading aloud and many other activities to strengthen your personal and social skills.

We have different rooms where there is the possibility of shielding if you can not tolerate too many sensory impressions or too many social contacts.

The offer takes place at SAABU Østerlund, Mellemvej 16, 6430 Nordborg. The vast majority of the offer lives on housing units Flintholm.

Can I take an education if I have a disability?

If you have a disability, you can take one as a young person Specially Organized Education or adult special education

Where can I find quality standards and supervision?

See all quality standards here.

See supervision here.

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