Barn door sales and street stalls

Read more about the rules for barn door sales and street stalls.

One must sell his own unprocessed agricultural products directly to the consumer for use in the consumer's own household.

What products can I sell at barn door sales?

Of animal foods, only eggs, milk, poultry (except ostriches), rabbits and fish may be sold. All barn door sales of animal foods must be registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Sales of honey, fruit and vegetables and game are subject to special conditions and do not need to be registered.

All products must be handled in a hygienically sound manner.

The sale must take place on own property. However, if the property is located far from a public road, you can sell your products from a property that is closer to the nearest public road. You must not, for example, sell potatoes from a farm near a house in the city. Nor even if it has the same owner.

May I open a farm shop?

Product range, size of turnover, layout of sales premises, signage, facade and advertising help to determine whether it is a stable door sale or a farm shop. A farm shop must be approved by food Administration, before the sale must start.

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