Sale of matr. 26, Lysabild Ejerlav, Lysabild

Sønderborg Municipality is now offering agricultural land for sale. The area is 18.339 m2

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Sønderborg Municipality hereby offers matr. no. 26 Lysabild Owner, Lysabild for sale. The area is currently used as agricultural land. The area is approx. 18.339 m2 located at Innerhave in Sydals.

The cadastre is located in a rural zone and is not locally planned or framed in the Municipal Plan. 

The buyer is made aware that there is currently a lease agreement on the area, which can be terminated with three months' notice to 1 September. Takeover can therefore take place at the earliest per 1 September 2024.

The area is offered with a minimum price of DKK 280.000 excl. VAT, the transaction is not subject to VAT.

Purchase offers are submitted via secure mail.

Additional information

  • The buyer must pay for the land transfer, registration of the purchase and the costs associated with this.
  • Will the buyer be charged VAT: no
  • The area has previously been covered by a local plan that enabled residential construction. The local plan has been canceled and the area is being sold as agricultural land. The buyer is made aware that the public property assessment and taxes derived therefrom change in line with the land's development potential based on the Valuation Agency's valuation. The area is not currently publicly valued as agricultural land. The buyer is encouraged to ensure that the area achieves the agricultural category when transferring to own property.


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