Sale of Primulavej 2, Augustenborg

Now the former Augusta Kindergarten on Primulavej in Agustenborg is offered

A beautiful property in the heart of Augustenborg is now on offer

This is a property that can be used both for detached house plots or for dense/low-rise construction.

Primulavej 2 in Augustenborg is a former municipal kindergarten. The property has a total of 3346 m2. the property consists of a main building of 355 m2 built in 1970 and heated via district heating. There are also several smaller outbuildings on the plot.

The property is currently located in an area designated for mixed housing and business in the municipal plan. In connection with the upcoming municipal plan revision, the framework is expected to be changed to a residential area. The municipal plan is expected to be adopted at the end of 2023.

The area is not subject to local planning, depending on the future use of the area, a building project may become subject to local planning.

The property is offered with a minimum price of DKK 2.500.000 and subject to the City Council's approval of the sale.

If you would like a showing of the property, do not hesitate to contact us.



How do I buy the property?
  • Download the purchase offer under the attached documents
  • dfill in the purchase offer and sign and remember to state the purchase price, takeover date, CVR and Printout of subscription rule.
  • Send the purchase offer to If the purchase offer contains CPR no., it is recommended to submit it digitally
When can I take over the property?

The sale takes place with immediate takeover and a maximum of 3 months after the purchase offer is submitted. 

Is the ground contaminated?

There are no known contaminants on the site.

Is there a risk of flooding?

There is a risk of water pooling in the north-east corner of the plot and on the road south of the plot.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

There is a drainage line across the area (map is under "attached documents"). It cannot be removed as it drains the area (private drain). The drainage line is connected to the rainwater system. The drain is not registered.

It is unknown what purpose the drain has, but it has been found to be in use and therefore cannot be closed. 

Sønderborg Forsyning informs that the existing plugs in the area must be used in connection with changes to the current use, no new connections will be supplied. The existing connectors are expected to be able to handle a degree of attachment of 30 per cent. If a higher degree of attachment is desired, it requires certainty in relation to whether the connector is large enough. 

What tax conditions apply?

We point out that the property valuation and derived tax rates can change depending on the buyer's use of the land.

Is the property being sold as a private or commercial property?

The property is being sold as a commercial property. The buyer is made aware that changed use may result in building technical requirements.

Offer and sales terms?
  • Read our tender terms and conditions of sale
  • Bids are submitted by submitting a purchase offer (located under documents) via secure mail.
  • Remember to fill in the takeover date and necessary data about the company offering, including the buyer's CPR no. or CVR no.
  • Bids from companies must be accompanied by a copy of the contract from the cvr register, which is a maximum of 1 month old at the time of signature.
  • Responses to bids are received after the deadline
  • If information comes to light that is important for a purchase, it will be published here on the website
Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact Sønderborg Municipality's Property Office. You will find the contact information at the bottom of the page.


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