Relief stay, short-term stays and relief at home

If you need a temporary relief or short-term stay outside the home, you have the opportunity to apply for it. You can also apply for relief at home.

Sonderborg Municipality offers various courses for you who need short stays with special care and attention:

  • Relief process of relatives
  • Around the clock rehabilitation course after, for example, hospitalization
  • Palliative care
  • Assessment process
Who can be offered a course?

Citizens in need of a short stay with special care and attention can be referred to the Center for Short-Term Places. It may be after a hospital stay, but the citizen may also need to leave home for a short period of time.

The purpose of the stay can vary from rehabilitation, assessment and relief to acute care and pain relief.

Can I get relief in my own home?

If you are cared for in your own home by a relative due to permanent physical or mental disability for most of the hours of the day, we can offer relief in your own home.

When offering relief care at home, we make sure that your relatives have the resources to take care of you and support that you can stay in your own home despite your reduced physical or mental functioning.

How long does a 'short stay' last?

A stay at the Center for short-term places can last from a few days to several weeks or months depending on your needs.

What does a relief stay cost?

You pay a fixed price per. day

How are the homes in a short-term space arranged?

For each short-term space there is an entrance hall, kitchen, large bathroom, living room and bedroom. Most have their own terrace and access to the garden. There is a common area with living area where you can eat and watch television.

Click here to see the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's assigned smileys at the Center for Short-Term Places.

Do I have to pay for transport myself?

You must arrange transport to and from the short-term space yourself - including the transport of any aids such as a wheelchair, walker and so on.
In very special cases, however, Sonderborg Municipality offers laid-down transport when you stay at or go home from one of the municipality's short-term places.

You can be granted laid-down transport if you:

Note, however, that if you need transport when you are discharged from the hospital, then it is the hospital and not Sonderborg Municipality that is responsible for the transport.

Where can I find case processing deadlines, quality standards and supervision?

See case processing deadlines here.

See all quality standards here.

See supervision here.

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