Sickness benefits

If you are unable to work for a shorter or longer period due to illness, you, your employer or your unemployment insurance fund must apply for sickness benefits.

You can receive sickness benefits if you:

  • are unable to work due to your own illness or if you have been injured
  • live in Denmark
  • pay tax on your income
  • meet a specified requirement for employment.

Read more about the rules for sickness benefits as unemployed, as an employee or as self-employed.

"My Sick Leave" 

It is mandatory for sick leavers to find out about / fill in the following in My Sick Leave:

  • Notification letters
  • Request for sickness benefits 5
  • Information form

You will receive notification and guidance in completing the above items via your digital mailbox.

However, there will be sick leavers who can not use themselves digitally in My Sick Leave. These people can contact the Sickness Benefit Team by phone +45 88 72 40 36 (except on Wednesdays) to be excluded from the self-service solution. An exemption from My Sick Leave applies from the time the grant of the exemption is granted until the citizen is healthy / the sick leave ceases. 

When is sickness benefit paid?

Sickness benefits are paid either monthly (the last Thursday of each month), weekly or at 14-day intervals.

If you get paid every or every other week, your payout can shift in relation to holidays.

Why do I get a questionnaire from HjulmandKaptain?

If the payment of sickness benefits is due to an accident (eg traffic accidents, occupational injuries, accidents caused by dogs or violent assaults), the municipality may in certain cases demand compensation for the sickness benefits from the person responsible for the accident. It is typically an insurance company.

Sønderborg Municipality has entered into an agreement with the law firm HjulmandKaptain, which helps us with this task. The collaboration with HjulmandKaptain has no effect on your right to (continue) receiving sickness benefits. It also has no bearing on your employer's possible right to receive reimbursement to partially cover paid wages.

However, you can receive a questionnaire from HjulmandKaptain, which we ask you to fill out and return to the law firm. This also applies even if in your opinion there are no others who are responsible for your sick leave.

If you have questions about the form, you are welcome to contact HjulmandKaptain directly

Where do I report sick leave as self-employed?

Illness can only be reported digitally at

Where can I find case processing times for sickness benefits?

See the case processing times here.

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