Jobs with wage subsidies for early retirees (sheltered jobs)

Jobs with wage subsidies for early retirees are positions on special terms. The positions can be with both private and public employers.

You can get a sheltered job (wage subsidy job for early retirees) if:

  • You have been granted an early retirement pension
  • You cannot do a part-time job without a subsidy, and you cannot be rehabilitated for this

As an employee, you receive an early retirement pension together with your salary. However, the early retirement pension can be affected by the salary. 

Where can I be employed in a low-wage job?

You can be employed in both private and public workplaces. However, you cannot be employed by a private company if:

  • The company is owned by your spouse, registered partner or cohabitant.
  • You have most recently been employed by the company.

Your employer must agree to take the necessary precautionary measures. Skånejob is usually on reduced time.

The salary is agreed between you and your employer in collaboration with the relevant professional organization. The employer pays you the full salary and receives a subsidy from the municipality.

What terms apply to the employer?

The employer receives DKK 28,56 per hour (2019) in subsidy to the salary. For private employers, the subsidy may not exceed 75% of the total wage costs. Grants can be applied for for any relevant additional services from the Job and Welfare Administration, such as aids, work tools, etc.

For both private and public workplaces, the following applies:

  • 0-5 ordinary employees can be 1 person in a company internship or wage subsidy (cf. the wording "but always 1 person")
  • 6-9 ordinary employees can be 1 person in a company internship or wage subsidy.
  • 10-14 ordinary employees can be 2 people.
  • 15-19 ordinary employees can be 3 people etc.

When a low-wage job is created at a company, there must be a net increase in the number of employees, or the position must have become vacant as a result of:

  • voluntary departure
  • departure due to age
  • voluntary reduction of working hours
  • dismissal due to a misdemeanor

Employer designs one employment contract or a letter of employment. Salary, working conditions and the expected subsidy period must be stated here. There is no duration limit on the grant period.

How long can I be in a low-wage job?

You can be in a sheltered job until the state pension age.

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