Get help to stop smoking

If you are a smoker, use e-cigarette, snuff or nicotine preparations, the Health Center offers a free smoking cessation course.

The health center offers different types of smoking cessation courses. On a smoking cessation course, you get support to get out of your addiction and stick to your decision to be smoke-free and nicotine-free. The smoking cessation course is for you, whether you are a smoker, use e-cigarettes, snuff or nicotine items.

A smoking cessation course starts with a short clarifying conversation over the phone, where we agree on your further smoking cessation course.

The offer is free for everyone who lives or works in Sonderborg Municipality.

You can also get free telephone smoking cessation advice at or help via the app E-receipt.

When are there smoking cessation courses?

In a smoking cessation course, you participate in a team where you can share your experiences with others who wish to quit smoking. You support each other and exchange experiences - and this community and commitment is an important part of the success of most smokers with the course.

A smoking cessation course extends over 7 meetings, where the end goal is a to stop smoking. It's not just about stepping down. You must be aware of this from the start.

See all smoking cessation courses in Sonderborg, Nordborg and Gråsten

Smoking cessation and fitness

At 'smoking cessation and fitness', we combine smoking cessation counseling and physical exercise. Anyone with reasonable health - regardless of experience with training, age and training level - can participate.

See the next smoking cessation and fitness team at Sonderborg Health Center

Can I get help for my smoking cessation if I cannot attend the planned smoking cessation courses?

If you do not have the opportunity to participate in a planned smoking cessation, please contact us anyway, so we can look at other options.

Contact us to hear more about the possibilities for getting help for your smoking cessation in languages ​​other than Danish.

Can I get a subsidy for smoking cessation medication or nicotine replacement?

The possibility of receiving a subsidy for smoking cessation medication or nicotine replacement will depend on an individual assessment by a smoking cessation counselor. Contact us to hear more.

Can I get special counseling as a young person?

Do you want to talk about tobacco? We help you become wiser about:

  • how smoking and snuff affects your health
  • own tobacco habits and addiction
  • how to get through a school day without tobacco
  • how to reduce your consumption or stop altogether

Contact us to hear more.

You can also get free telephone smoking cessation advice at There is also the Xhale app, which is a program for young people who want to become smoke- or snuff-free. You can read more at
Can I get special counseling while pregnant?

It is never too late to become smoke-free. Not even if you are a few weeks or months away, or about to give birth soon. The earlier you become smoke-free the better. If your partner smokes, he or she can also participate.

We offer conversations that are planned together with you. The interviews can take place at the Health Center in Sonderborg or the Health House in Nordborg or Gråsten. Contact us to hear more.

You also have the option of getting free telephone smoking cessation advice at Stoplinien.

Smoking cessation counseling at the drop-in centers in Social Psychiatry

Smoking cessation counseling can take place at the drop-in centers in social psychiatry. Contact the staff at the drop-in centers to get started with your smoking cessation.

Smoking cessation counseling can be combined with NADA therapy (acupuncture).


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Can a smoking cessation course and presentations be held at the workplace?

The health center offers free smoking cessation courses and presentations at workplaces in Sønderborg Municipality. Contact the smoking cessation team to find out more.

Can I get help to stop smoking in other municipalities?

If you live in Sonderborg municipality, but work or go to school in Tønder, Aabenraa or Haderslev, you can get help to stop smoking in the municipality in question. Contact us if you need further assistance.

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