Social exemption card

With a social exemption card, citizens with special social problems can earn up to DKK 20.000 tax-free per year without the public benefits being reduced.

The aim of the scheme is to facilitate access to the labor market by offering a certain amount of financial support without being offset against public benefits. 

Who can get a social exemption card?

Citizens can get a social welfare card:

  • If you are facing challenges of a social nature.
  • If you have neither participated in a regular education nor had an earned income of more than DKK 10.320 within the past 12 months, you may be qualified.
  • If you have spent a total of 9 years in Denmark within the last 10 years, there are opportunities to get support.

The municipality decides on the allocation of the social welfare card.

How do I apply for a social welfare card?

Applications must be addressed to your job adviser at Jobcenter Sønderborg.
If you are not associated with a job adviser, get in touch Jobcenter Sonderborg

How do I use the social exemption card?
  • The free card can be used for ordinary work at private or public companies, but not for wage subsidy jobs, flexible jobs or similar supported positions.
  • There are no fixed rules for the number of working hours, and the employment takes place on general terms with a salary in accordance with the collective agreement.
  • Work tasks can vary and include tasks such as packaging and warehouse work, cleaning, customer service and service tasks, etc 
  • It is up to the employer to decide whether they wish to participate in the scheme with the social free card.
Social exemption card

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