Social exemption card

With a social exemption card, citizens with special social problems can earn up to DKK 20.000 tax-free per year without the public benefits being reduced.

To apply for a social exemption card, you must contact your job counselor at Jobcenter Sønderborg or the department in the municipality with which you are already in contact. 

Who can get a social exemption card?

You are in the target group for a social exemption card if you have social challenges such as homelessness, abuse, mental illness or vulnerability. In addition, the following criteria apply:

  • You have neither been in education nor have had a working income of more than DKK 10.000 within the past year
  • You meet the conditions for receiving help or support, eg through a support and contact person, substance abuse treatment or a housing offer
  • You meet the residency requirement for the right to receive cash benefits or education benefits

The municipality decides whether you can get a social exemption card. 

How do I use the social exemption card?

You can use your social exemption card for ordinary work at a private or public company. It can therefore not be used for wage subsidy jobs, flex jobs or similar supported work.

There are no rules for how many hours you have to work, and you will be employed on normal terms for contractual pay. The tasks can be, for example, packing and storage work, cleaning, customer service, service tasks, etc.

Once you have been issued a social exemption card, you must agree with your employer that you use the social exemption card. It is voluntary for your employer if he / she wants to use the social exemption card scheme.

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