The Sonderborg scheme

Grants to associations with activities for children and young people under 25 years of age.

Associations that have activities for children and young people under the age of 25 can apply for grants via the Sønderborg scheme. 

What requirements are there for us as an association before we can use the Sønderborg scheme?
  • The association must be an approved public information association
  • The association must be approved in advance as eligible
What subsidies are given through the Sønderborg scheme?

Subsidies are given in relation to the association's expenses to all active members who pay dues

Association grants

An association grant of DKK 2.000 per association for associations with at least one active member under the age of 25 and a total membership of 40 or less. 


Membership grants

A subsidy of DKK 163 per activity member under the age of 25. The membership allowance cannot exceed the amount the activity member has paid in dues in the previous calendar year.

An activity member is a member who pays a separate fee for an activity/sport. Each member counts once for each different sport, e.g. handball, football and gymnastics.

If a member participates in several different teams within the same sport, it is counted once, and it also counts once if the member goes to the same sport both indoors and outdoors. 

Managers and board members under the age of 25 can only be included if they are actively involved in the activity/sport. 


Course subsidy

Subsidies are provided for the associations' courses in Denmark and South Schleswig for all the association's managers, instructors and board members. The course must be relevant to the association's activities. Subsidies from other sources for course expenses must be deducted. Specification with information on the individual course participant's expenses per course is attached. 

Eligible for grants are course expenses with a maximum of DKK 5.000 per course per student. Course subsidies amount to 100 per cent. of the grant-eligible course costs. 

Overall, course costs cover:

  • Course fee
  • Accommodation
  • Transport - cheapest transport is assumed.


Material subsidy

The expenses incurred by the association for the purchase and maintenance of necessary materials must be included in order for the association to carry out the activity in accordance with its purpose. Eligible for grants are material expenses with a maximum of DKK 6.000 per unit. Subsidies from other parties for the purchase and maintenance of materials must be deducted from the unit price. 

Necessary materials are understood to mean association-owned materials that must necessarily be present in order for the association to carry out the activity in accordance with that purpose. 

The material subsidy pool is distributed proportionately and in relation to the individual association's number of members under 25 years of age. 

There is provided not grants for the purchase and maintenance of eg computers, hardware and software, printer, monitors, printer cartridges, program for running events / tournaments, flags, catering, camcorders and timekeeping equipment, office teams and administration expenses, advertising, club magazines, clothing, sports bags, medals, trophies , certificates of competency, rosettes, drinking bottles, purchases for medical bag, ice bags or resin, washing of clothes, consulting services, judge's fees, shoeing of association-owned horses and vet bills.

There is given not subsidy for materials that are resold to the association's members, etc. For example purchase of badminton, which is sold on to the association's members. 


How do we apply for the Sønderborg scheme?

Your application must include:

  • The total number of activity members as well as the number of activity members under the age of 25 divided into the individual activity types / sports. The statement date is 31/12 the previous year - the number of activity members who have paid the membership fee in the previous financial year is calculated.
  • The association's total quota income from the activity members.
  • Annex, an audited account signed by the board and minutes from the general meeting.

 The application deadline is 1 April each year, and if the application is approved, the amount will be paid out before the end of June.

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