Social and health student (SOSU)

Read more about the education at SOSU. You can either become a SOSU helper or a SOSU assistant.

As a SOSU student in Sønderborg Municipality, you get an attractive place of education with committed tutors, exciting education courses and a large network for the students. 

Which courses can I choose as a SOSU student?

As a social and health assistant, you can after the basic course choose to become:

  • Social and health helper
    You can be employed in the municipal home care, in care centers or in sheltered housing, where you work with personal care and practical tasks, among other things. You can later specialize by, among other things, training to be a dementia support person or internship supervisor.
  • Social and health care assistant
    You can be employed in home care, social psychiatry or in hospitals, where you work with nursing, among other things. You can later apply directly to the educations for social worker, nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, midwife, pharmaconomist, educator etc.
  • SOSU assistant Digi tech. (With special focus on welfare technology. See next point)  
What is special about Digi tech?

SOSU assistant Digi tech. (With special focus on welfare technology)  
Sosu assistant digi tech combines theory and practice in the training course, which lasts 3 years and 3 months.
SOSU Syd is primarily responsible for the theoretical part of the education, while Sønderborg Municipality is primarily responsible for the practical part. Together we connect the two learning spaces, so that there is a connection between the theories and methods you learn at school and what you learn in training. This training takes place, among other things, in care centres, in home care and in psychiatry. 

Digi tech is an education that both supports today's and future workplaces and familiarity with the use of welfare technology. The education's focus on welfare technology ties the technological possibilities together with the needs of the individual citizen. At the same time, it supports and develops the way the municipality provides care. 

You will be taught communication, collaboration, problem solving and innovation. This approach ensures that you are both professionally skilled and that they can bring several skills together to solve the challenges of today and the future. 

You will also act as role models who use digital solutions to promote the quality of life of citizens and support a good working environment.


Where can I see available student positions?

Vacant student positions in Sønderborg Municipality are advertised continuously. This applies both to you who are going to start on foundation course 2 and to you who are going to start directly on the main course.

See available student positions here.

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