Special education for young people and adults

Read more about Sønderborg Municipality's offer of special education for adults and Adult Special Education (VSU) at VUC Syd in Sønderborg Municipality.

Adults over the age of 18 with physical or mental disabilities can be offered special education for adults. The teaching is targeted and organized according to your difficulties and goals. It can be one-on-one teaching or take place in small groups. 

The teaching takes place either at the Center for Aids and Communication or at VUC Syd in Sønderborg

Children and young people under the age of 18 with speech, hearing or vision difficulties can get help by contacting Pedagogical Psychological Counseling.

Can I get lessons if I have speech or voice difficulties?

You can get help from a speech consultant if, for example, you have: 

  • Linguistic difficulties after acquired brain injury (e.g. speech and language difficulties and cognitive communication difficulties)
  • Voice difficulties (eg hoarseness, weak voice, sore throat and urge to cough and escape)
  • Linguistic and / or voice difficulties due to a progressive neurological disorder (eg Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis)
  • Stutter
  • Discomfort after oral or laryngeal cancer

The speech consultants first carry out an investigation and then often provide advice and training to you and your relatives. 

Contact a speech consultant on tel. +45 88 72 75 60 (all weekdays between 8 and 9) or by mail chk@sonderborg.dk, if you need a chat about your or your relative's speech or voice difficulties. 

Can I get special education if I have hearing problems?

The hearing consultants provide advice and education to those who are bothered by reduced hearing, tinnitus or sound sensitivity. 

We also provide targeted training for those who have had surgery with a cochlear implant (CI). Relatives can also get counselling.

In some cases, you can also benefit from an aid, which can compensate for your hearing difficulties. The hearing consultant can guide you if you wish.

Contact the hearing consultants on tel. +45 88 72 74 80 (weekdays 8-9) or mail chk@sonderborg.dk

Can I get lessons if I have impaired vision, am blind or are sensitive to light? 

CHK Sønderborg offers advice and education to those who have impaired vision, are blind or are light sensitive. The teaching is targeted at your challenges in coping with ordinary everyday tasks (ADL) or moving around in your surroundings both outside and inside (Orientation and Mobility). The teaching can also focus on using a computer, mobile phone or tablet. The vision consultant also provides advice to relatives. 

In some cases, a vision aid can also help you. Have a talk with the vision consultant if you are in doubt an aid is something for you. 

Contact the vision consultant at the Center for Aids and Communication on tel. +45 88 72 74 77 (weekdays 8-9) or mail chk@sonderborg.dk

Can I get special education if I have difficulty reading or writing? 

You can get free dyslexia education at VUC South og Business College South, if you have been tested for dyslexia. VUC Syd and Business College Syd can also help you get a dyslexia test. 

The Center for Aids and Communication offers advice and instruction in reading and writing support functions on a computer, tablet or smartphone. 
In some cases, the built-in functions are not enough and you may need additional reading and writing support. The ICT consultant can guide you. 

Reading and writing support programs can be granted as an aid.

Contact the ICT consultant at the Center for Aids and Communication on tel. +45 88 72 74 79 (weekdays 8-9) or mail chk@sonderborg.dk

Can I be offered other adult special education?

VUC Syd also offers adult special education (VSU). The teaching at VUC Syd is for you who have physical or mental challenges that do not fit into the areas described above. 

You can read more about VUC's special education offer here.

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