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Prior to the City Council meetings, citizens residing in Sønderborg Municipality can ask questions to the City Council. See here how.

Before each ordinary city council meeting, there is an opportunity to get answers to questions during question time. In the years when there are local elections, however, there is no question time in September, October, November and December. Every citizen residing in Sønderborg Municipality is allowed to ask questions to the City Council.

How do I get a question at a city council meeting?

Questions must be in writing and must be received by Sønderborg Municipality no later than 10 days before the city council meeting where you want an answer. You can send questions by e-mail or post to the address below - write "Questions to the City Council" in the subject field. Remember to state your name and address.

What and how many questions can be asked?

Questions must relate to the municipality's conditions and be of general interest to the municipality's citizens. Each citizen has only the opportunity to have questions answered for one topic each time there is question time.

Who answers questions?

The mayor decides who should answer the questions posed to the City Council. In the case of questions concerning factual matters that can be answered by the administration, the citizen will instead of question time receive a direct answer from an employee in the administration.

What type of questions will be rejected by the mayor?
  • Issues there is an attack on people
  • Questions that contain information about individuals' private affairs
  • Questions about information that may not be published
  • Questions about employment law matters for municipal employees
How is Question Time conducted?

Question Time lasts a maximum of half an hour and takes place at City Council meetings before dealing with open doors. If you have asked a question, you must be present during Question Time, where the question will be answered. You will be notified in writing of the time.

During Question Time, all city council members have the opportunity to make a brief comment on the answer, after which you will have two minutes to comment on the answer to your question.

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