The start-up and development pool

Sønderborg Municipality wants to help promote association life with opportunities to apply for grants and pools.

New associations with public information purposes can apply for grants for eg development work, individual projects, amateur cultural activities etc.

Which associations can apply for grants?

You can apply from The start-up and development pool if you:

  • Is a new association with a public information purpose
  • Performs development work, individual projects, amateur cultural activities, public information services for children and young people who are not attracted to other services, gathering places with public information as the main purpose and activities of a cross-cutting nature.

The grant can only be given to already approved associations and is intended as help for self-help in connection with new initiatives and initiatives, and is thus not for operational expansion of existing activities.

How do we apply?

Applications are sent to the Public Information Committee. Application form can be obtained by contacting Culture and Leisure.

How much grant can we apply for?

Grants of up to DKK 5.000 can be granted to the individual association, however, a maximum of a total of DKK 40.000 on an annual basis. Often, a grant that has been granted as a start-up and development grant will be given the following year as a grant from the Sønderborg Scheme.

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis.

What does the grant commit us to?

A feedback form and copies of any relevant documents must be submitted.

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