Stephan Kleinschmidt

Slesvigsk Parti
1. Deputy Mayor
Born year

Vice-Chairman of:

Number of personal votes in the last local elections:
Memberships and board positions Annual remuneration in DKK
Member of the City Council 104.052,51
1st Deputy Mayor 57.130,80
Vice President of Finance Committee 62.843,88
Member of the Board of Representatives of Sønderborg Growth Council -
Deputy Mayor of The Land Purchase Board -
Deputy mayor for KL's Board of Representatives -
Deputy Mayor for the District Council for Police Operations -
Member of the board of Sønderborg Airport A / S -
Member of the Border Triangle -
Member of the Nomination Board -
Member of the Board of GroNet -
Deputy member of the board of the Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig -
The board of the Business Academy South West -
Child supplement 16.099,40