Area on Strandvej, Havnbjerg

We are selling the area matr. No. 508, Havnbjerg. The area is 11.453 m2. Read more and bid.

For Sønderborg Jordkøbsnævn, Sønderborg Municipality sells matr. No. 508 Havnbjerg, Havnbjerg. The area is 11.453 m², and is located at Strandvej in Havnbjerg, 6430 Nordborg.

The minimum price is 57.265 DKK (DKK 50.000/ha)

What is the minimum price

The minimum price is DKK 50.000/ha. – i.e. DKK 57.265

How do I bid on the area?

You can submit a purchase offer via the "Send purchase offer" button at the top of the page.

Will the purchase price be subject to VAT?


What plans and environmental conditions are there?
  • country zone.
  • Local plan: none
  • The area is not included in the municipal plan
  • 4.673m2 of the cadastre is covered by beach protection
  • The area is covered by Section 3 of the Nature Conservation Act.
What tax conditions are there?

The area is part of a combined real estate with the listing type Agriculture without habitation, and has a total land value of DKK 582.600 for 94.454 m2 (2020). The seller is not responsible for fiscal conditions or changes thereof.

Is there anything else I should know?

The buyer must himself initiate and pay for the registration of the purchase and the costs associated with this and ensure that the area is added to his own property. The seller is himself responsible for ensuring that the area can be attributed to the buyer's property. There may be special distance requirements for other property that must be observed. The buyer may contact the surveyor company about this.

Additional information
  • Construction line from 1940 relates to beach protection line, appendix
  • Construction line regarding Nordborgvej, annex
  • Access restriction regarding Nordborgvej, annex
Where can I find the tender material?

You will find the complete tender material at the bottom of the page under "Attached documents".

Who can I contact with questions?

Sønderborg Municipality's Property Office. Contact information at the bottom of the page.

Good reasons to strike

  • Attractive location
  • Area of ​​11.453 m2
  • The minimum price is DKK 57.265.


6430, Nordborg

Contact us

The real estate office
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