Subsidies for premises

Premises grants are given to associations in own or rented premises.

Associations with sports activities and other activities for children and young people under the age of 25 in Sønderborg Municipality can apply for a subsidy for premises.

Who can apply for the subsidy for premises?

To apply for a grant for premises, the association must:

  • have formulated a purpose for the formation of the association, which is stated in the articles of association
  • belong to Sønderborg Municipality
  • be open to all
  • could be described as enlightening 
  • have activities related to sports activities, and / or idea-specific and community-engaging activities, for children and young people under 25 years of age
  • have active members and at least 5 paying members, one of whom is resident in Sønderborg Municipality and is responsible for the grant received (the Public Information Committee may, upon application, deviate from the requirement for residence)
  • have a board

An association if any profits accrue to individuals cannot receive grants.

In case of doubt, the public information committee decides whether an association is eligible for a grant. 

How much can we receive in grants?

Subsidies are provided for operating expenses for private premises, including halls, as well as campsites that are owned or rented by associations and are located within the country's borders or in South Schleswig for use in activities for children and young people under 25 years of age.

As a starting point, a subsidy is provided with 70% of the operating expenses, which can for example be rent, debt, taxes, expenses for maintenance, cleaning, etc. 

If the activities include participants over the age of 25, the grant is reduced proportionally to the proportion of these participants in the total number of participants. There can be no reduction for team leaders and instructors over the age of 25 (but still for board members). 

Grants are not provided for public, entrance events, own halls and activities or premises (swimming pools excluded), where others also have access for a fee. Any rental or sublease income must be deducted before calculating room subsidies.

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