Terrain regulation of agricultural land

If you want to add land to your agricultural areas to improve the operation of your farm, then you must apply to the municipality.

Should you change the terrain, i.e. regulate the terrain or lay out land on agricultural land, you must basically apply for one a land zone permit.

Terrain regulation that does not require a land zoning permit 

If the purpose of the terrain regulation is to improve the agricultural operation of the area, a rural zone permit is not immediately required, but the municipality must assess the terrain regulation and a decision must still be made that the project does not require a rural zone permit. Please note that in special cases there may be requirements for environmental approval

You must fill in the digital form above so that the municipality can assess whether the terrain regulation requires it land zone permit. 

When do I not need a land zone permit?

If the land regulation is necessary for the continued operation of the area as agricultural land, a land zone permit, but the municipality must still make a decision that the project does not require a land zoning permit.

What should I include in my application?

In order for the municipality to assess your application, we need to know something about the following:

  • the purpose of the terrain adjustment (describe operations before and after the terrain adjustment)
  • the schedule for the execution of the work (how long it takes from start to finish)
  • whether the land is temporarily taken out of operation (only applies if the land is to be laid out on agricultural land)
  • where the soil comes from, as well as whether the soil is contaminated
  • the amount of soil
  • the height of the terrain adjustment (attach a map indicating the final elevation)
  • the location of the terrain regulation, e.g. an aerial photograph (mark the area that is desired to be terrain regulated and specify the area)
Is there a lower limit for minor terrain adjustments?

A trivial limit of +/- 50 cm has previously been used, but this limit no longer exists. A concrete assessment must therefore be made of any terrain regulation on agricultural land. You must therefore always apply to the municipality so that we can assess whether the project requires a land zone permit or not.

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