Funds for activities

In the activity pool, you can apply for grants for activities that help to promote cultural and leisure activities or other activities.

Associations, circles or citizens can take part in the Activity Pool, which supports activities that promote cultural and leisure activities as well as other popular activities that are not supported through other pools.

This can be, for example, participation in rallies, materials, holding events.

The application deadline is 1 September.

What activities can you apply for a grant for?

Grants can be applied for for events held in the calendar year where applications are made or planned for the season (but no later than the end of June the following year).

Among other things, apply for a grant for:

  • Activities that are initiated in connection with an association, district or group of citizens
  • Participation in rallies, cups, etc., which is not part of the usual process for an enlightening association. Among other things, Grants are awarded for event fees and driving.
  • Materials / props etc. of a public information nature can be applied for by associations, clubs and circles that cannot apply for or receive grants from the Sønderborg Scheme.
  • Holding of activities / events - e.g. rallies, music events, cultural events, etc.
  • Support for Folkeuniversitetsarrangementer.

No subsistence allowance can be granted. Direct grants or loss guarantees can be given, and grants are paid in the financial year in which the deadline is.

What should our application contain?

The application must contain the following description:

  • Purpose of activity for which a grant is applied for.
  • Content with a description of the event / activity and what the grant is applied for.
  • Indication of the financing - including the self-financing.
  • Indication of what specifically the grant is being applied for.
  • Information if funds have been applied for elsewhere.
  • Accounts for the event, if this is settled.
  • Budget for the event / activity.
  • If it is an established association, accounts for the most recently completed financial year must be submitted.

The application deadline is 1 September. Grants can only be used for the purpose applied for and granted. One must therefore be submitted feedback form, as well as copies of any relevant documents.


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