The pool for grants for Association development

Sønderborg Municipality wishes to support the development of associations and self-organized activities in accordance with Sønderborg Municipality's Sports and Leisure Policy.
Who can apply for grants from the pool for association development?
  • Approved public information associations
  • Self-organized groups, with activities that fall within the scope of the Public Information Act - i.e. activities where the aim is to strengthen the participants' ability and desire to take responsibility for their own lives and to participate actively and engaged in community life.
How do you apply for the pool for association development?

You apply by using the form "Apply for grants for Association development"  . Applications must contain a budget, financing plan, including whether funds have been applied for elsewhere, as well as an insight into the association's/player's liquid funds.

How much grant can we apply for from the pool for association development?
  • A maximum of DKK 20.000 per initiative.
  • Applications are processed on an ongoing basis.
What does the grant commit us to?
  • When the project has been completed, the association/actor must submit accounts with documentation. A project evaluation must also be sent.
  • For public information associations, the accounts must be signed by the entire board. For self-organized groups, the accounts must be signed by at least 2 people from the user group.
  • Projects must begin within one year of the grant being granted, otherwise the subsidy will be forfeited. Unused funds, or funds that have not been used in accordance with the conditions on which the grant is based, must be repaid at the end of the project.


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