The pool - More children in association life

Sønderborg Municipality wants more children and young people to be active in associations.

The pool can be applied for by public information associations whose aim is to get children aged 0-18 into the communities.


Which associations can apply for grants?

You can apply for the "More children in association life" pool if you:

• Is a public information association.
• The pool provides financial support for activities and initiatives which aim to get more children aged 0-18 into the communities of the public information associations.

How to apply?

Applications are submitted on a application form and is processed continuously. 

How much grant can you apply for?

Administrative subsidies are granted when the amount applied for is below DKK 50.000. Applications above DKK 50.000 are submitted for political consideration in Committee on Culture, Sport and Citizenship.

What are subsidies given for?

Only the imagination sets limits on what grants can be applied for.

But it could be, for example:

  • Start of new teams/activities or association 
  • Expenses for the purchase of activity items/equipment 
  • Training of coaches and employment of (child) development coaches
  • Holding (larger) events, School Olympics, Cup
  • Workshop

Just remember that the aim of more children in the association community must be a clear part of what funds are applied for.


The pool for more children in association life

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