The Volunteer Award

The volunteering award is awarded to one or more passionate people who have made a special effort within the voluntary social and health promotion field.

The volunteering award is presented on the volunteering day, which is always held on the last Friday in September.

Who can receive the volunteer award?

The volunteer award is given to one or more volunteers, associations, organizations, groups or active citizens who have performed voluntary social and health promotion work for the target group and thereby contributed to:

  • to strengthen the quality of life and well-being of particularly vulnerable citizens
  • to raise the good welcome of new volunteers in the association environment, so that citizens feel comfortable in the existing volunteer communities
  • to create collaborative relationships between the municipality, the association environment and active citizens in the local communities for the benefit of the municipality's citizens
  • that fewer citizens experience loneliness, especially the elderly who live alone, citizens with mental disabilities or young people who have difficulty committing themselves in a youth community
  • that more citizens experience increased mental health, especially by incorporating voluntary activities and active citizenship as a way to create a healthy and meaningful life
  • to create visibility and awareness of an otherwise overlooked issue for one or more vulnerable target groups
How do I nominate a person for the volunteer award?

All citizens in Sønderborg Municipality can nominate recipients of the award. 

The options must be submitted no later than 8 September 2023 to the municipality's volunteering consultant, Johnny Gammelgaard Alfsen

Who chooses the winner of the volunteer award?

The health committee selects the award recipient based on the settings received. However, the choice of award recipient does not depend on the number of options.

Members of the Health Committee present the volunteer award in connection with the volunteer party.

What does the volunteer award consist of?

The prize consists of a diploma, a bouquet of flowers and a check / bank transfer of DKK 10.000.

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