How the City Council works

The members of the City Council are elected by the citizens and hold a monthly meeting in the City Council Chamber. The committees work in depth with different areas.

The City Council has been elected to lead Sønderborg Municipality overall. The City Council sets out visions and makes decisions on all major matters that are important to the municipality, eg the annual budgets.

Who sits on the City Council?

The city council in Sønderborg has 31 members, divided among the parties Socialdemokratiet, Schleswig Party, Enhedslisten, Left, Nye Borgerlige og Dansk Folkeparti. They were elected at the municipal elections in November 2021. The city council is elected for a 4-year term. 

See City Council members here.

Mayor Erik Lauritzen from Socialdemokratiet leads the City Council's work.

Committee work

The entire City Council meets for City Council meetings once a month. In addition, the City Council has set up a number selection to work in depth with specific areas. The committees can decide many things themselves. Major decisions are always considered by the City Council. See the City Council's committee under 'City council and committee'.

Citizens can raise objections

Certain things that have a particular impact on citizens are being sent for consultation. That something is sent for consultation means that all citizens, or those citizens who will be directly affected by a decision, have the opportunity to raise objections. It could, for example, be a plan for where in the municipality wind turbines are to be erected.

Citizens' objections will form part of the final decision-making basis.

Democracy and influence

The city council meetings are open and everyone has the opportunity to attend the meetings. All citizens in Sønderborg Municipality have the opportunity to ask questions to the City Council. It must be done in writing. See here how to ask a question to the City Council.

Articles of association and rules of procedure

In the rules of procedure for the City Council, you can read which rules apply at the City Council meetings in Sønderborg Municipality.

The board statutes for Sønderborg Municipality describe, among other things:

  • how many members are to sit on the City Council
  • what tasks are assigned to the mayor
  • which committees have been set up
  • what tasks the various committees take care of

See the City Council's rules of procedure og board statutes.

Constitution agreement

Se The constitution for the election period 2022-2025 here.

Se The constitution for the election period 2018-2021 here.

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